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In the history of music from time to time, as a bright star on the horizon, appeared amazing musicians. Very young children, aged eight to ten, sometimes even less, they gave solo concerts and amazed the audience by the power of his musical talent. Called these young musicians miracle children (in German Wunderkind).

Mozart's family gives a concert
(illustration with engravings 1765)

This child Prodigy Mozart. At the age of six to eight years he, along with his older sister, Nannerl traveled all over Europe, performing with music on the piano and violin solos, playing works by other composers and his own playing pre-learned pieces and improvising right in the hall on the subject, the data someone from the audience.

A child Prodigy and was Franz Liszt. Of course, his talent is not comparable to Mozart, but he was still in his childhood was captivated listeners virtuoso and not Mature for the piano.

These names are known all over the world. From geeks they turned into the biggest musicians of his time.

In the last century on geeks arose fashion. Children began to teach music in early childhood, and if seen significant success, began to force classes, and hurried to release the "miracle child" on the stage: to gain popularity and, of course, to earn money lucky parents and enterprising entrepreneurs. In the late nineteenth century posters of many European cities were literally Packed with names of kids who were waiting for a repetition of the miracle of Mozart. But the second Mozart did not appear. Moreover, growing, only a few of the former geeks were able to remain at the level of their child's popularity. Beautifully wrote about this Sophia Vasilievna Shostakovich, the composer's mother was his first music teacher: "We, the parents, of course, well understood, and then [when D. D. Shostakovich was seven or eight years. - L. M.]that our son enough music to become in the future a professional musician... But we were in no hurry. To tell the truth, I don't really approve of, when young fledgling talent begin strongly to torture only in order to produce a sensation, releasing to the concert stage a little nervous being with a loud name "the Prodigy". In my opinion very, very rare that such an early musician subsequently grows into something really interesting. For the most part, amazing Mature for his age skill in five or six years, he thirty is a phenomenon quite common for creative resources are exhausted, the body is tired and people prematurely obsolete".

In our time no one is chasing sensations. Children five or six years, just starting to learn music, and the word wunderkind has gained a completely different hue: it is used often in an ironic sense, or just as a joke.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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