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"The song is the soul of the people," we hear from the musicians. One of the three pillars on which rests the whole music called the song Dmitry Borisovich Kabalevsky.

Very different songs. For example, folk who do not have a specific author. This lullaby, baby nursery rhymes, rhymes, teasers. Wedding songs. Broaching lyrical telling of the female part. Epics telling of the deeds of ancient heroes... it is Impossible to enumerate all types of folk music, it is so diverse. In him, as in a kind of folk encyclopedia, told all human life. At all times the song was played and now plays a very important role in people's lives.

Century Vasnetsov. The gusla players

And the song,
And verse -
Bomb it and the banner...

wrote Mayakovsky.

Since 30-ies live and sung us such a truly undying songs like "song of the Motherland" ("the Wide country, my homeland..."), "Katyusha", "Moscow in may". They are all so different, are similar in one thing: their desire not only to listen but also to sing himself, singing with friends, choir, uniting in one sense, in the same impulse. These songs created for singing at the festival, during collective processions, military life are called mass. These mass songs close folk, of which N. G. Chernyshevsky wrote that they sing "not out of a desire to show off and to show your voice and art, and of the need to pour out my feelings". Not accidentally, many of them became popular: they sing, often in their own way, a slight change in the melody, not knowing the name of the composer.

Perhaps the most common among mass songs lyric, telling about love and friendship, embodies the feelings of the young people, their thoughts, their dreams. Many composers wrote and write such songs. Their names are widely known. This brothers D. and DM. Pokras, M. Blanter, I. Dunaevsky, V. Zakharov, V. Soloviev-Sedoy, B. Mokrousov, V. Muradeli, A. Novikov, A. Ostrovsky, A. Petrov, A. Pakhmutova, S. Tulikov, A. Dolukhanyan, E. Kolmanovskii placing and others.

Mass children's songs is, for example, pioneer songs. They have their own glorious history, which began in the 20-ies of the song "vzveytes bonfires" C. F. Kagan-Deskin. Beautiful pioneer songs written I. Dunaevsky, D. Kabalevsky, M. Krasavin, Y. Chichkova, O. Chromosonal and other Soviet composers. For younger children there are songs Meters of Rauchwerger, Century Wetlina, Century Gerchik, So Poperenko, that is, Chilicheese and many other authors.

Victor Jara
Victor Jara

In recent years, has received widespread pop songs - the ones that are sung by singers professionals from the stage. They also have a long and glorious history.

France has long been the art of the singer - poets-singers. In his work the singer appealed to ordinary people, sang about the fact that they are close.

You certainly heard the name Victor'hara, great Chilean patriot, who died at the hands of Pinochet. He was killed by the Nazis because he was afraid of his songs - the terrible weapons art.

One of the main secrets of the power of the song is its simplicity. Even about the most serious things - about the struggle for freedom, for peace, for happiness, true friendship, about the heroic exploits of the song can speak simple words, combined with a simple, catchy melody.

The song, like the vast majority of other vocal works - child music and poetry. But the relationship of these arts among themselves may be somewhat different than, say, romance or arias. In the song, different verse stanzas are sung to the same melody, which is repeated several times. Verse of the song is called verse. It usually consists of two parts - the introduction and chorus. In the beginning of the word changes every time, and in the chorus - no. Recall, for example, the song "Let there always be sunshine", created by A. Ostrovsky.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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