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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter B


"Will you come, my dawn, look in your face..."

You are reading these words, and in the imagination occurs melody as wide as a native Russian expanses, sad and courageous. It's Ivan Susanin's Aria from the Opera Glinka.

M. Glinka. Ivan Susanin's Aria from the Opera "Ivan Susanin"
Takes The Mark Reizen

Susanin, a simple Russian peasant hero who sacrificed their lives for the Motherland, composer instructed bass.

Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin
Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin

The bass is the lowest of all votes (the Italian word basso - low). Lots of great operatic roles were written for this voice. Vladimir Galitsky (high bass) and Konchak (low) in "Prince Igor" by Borodin, Farlaf in "Ruslan and Ludmila" by Glinka, don Basilio in Il Barbiere di Siviglia Rossini, Mephistopheles in "Faust" by Gounod, Kutuzov in "War and peace" by Prokofiev... Only from this enumeration it is clear what the rich possibilities fraught with bass, what a variety of characters from the sublimely heroic to bright Comedy he can bring.

The name of the famous singer-bass know, without a doubt, everything. This Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin. His voice is high bass was exceptional for its beauty, richness and softness of the voice. Due to a large range of voices, Chaliapin sometimes performed and parts written for baritone, and created an unforgettable gallery of Opera characters: Ivan Susanin, Boris Godunov, Demon, Mephistopheles, and many others.

Famous Soviet singers-bass, as A. Pirogov, M. Mikhailov, I. Petrov, B. Gmyrya, E. Nesterenko.

There is a particular, is the lowest kind of bass, the so-called bass-activity, which occurs only in Russian choirs. The bass range from great octave f to f first.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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