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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter X


On stage in orderly rows are women in the same beautiful dresses. Behind them, standing on a small rise, men in severe black suits.

Krasnodar state chamber choir

A wave of the hand of the conductor, and sounded choral singing. The word "choir", which is derived from the Greek choros and Latin chorus, which means the crowd, meeting, call the groups of people performing vocal music and works composed for this team.

Of course, not every team can be called a chorus. There are vocal ensembles, consisting of several, sometimes more than ten people. Chorus differs significantly larger number of performers.

All choir members are divided into several groups, most often four. In the children's choir voices are divided into high and low; high voice - soprano, low - Alta.

Adult choirs may be different in composition: male, female and mixed. Mixed choir contains all the basic voice: soprano (high female), Alto (low female), tenor (high male) and bass (low male). Sometimes, if sung essay has four different parties, and more, each group is divided into first and second voices: first and second soprano, the first and second violas and so on.

For choral composers write special works: songs, choruses, choral poem. D. D. Shostakovich wrote 10 choral poems on the words of poets, revolutionaries.

The choir is one of the main "actors" of many operas. Without it none of the massive stage. Let us recall the Scene under the Chrome" from Mussorgsky's Opera "Boris Godunov", which shows a picture of popular unrest. The image of the insurgent people passed through the choral song "Went, was cleared...".

M. Mussorgsky. Choir Of Hyde! Dispersed, was cleared"
(the Opera "Boris Godunov'" 4 action 3 picture)


Majestic choir "glory" sounds in the final scene from Glinka's Opera "Ivan Susanin".

M. I. Glinka. Chorus "Glory"
(from the epilogue of the Opera "Ivan Susanin")


The choir is an indispensable participant in the performance of oratorios and cantatas, where it plays a very large place.

Some choral works are unaccompanied. This design is called a Cappella.

The chorus reminds perfect polyphonic instrument. He is available all the means of musical expression: transparent pianissimo and majestic fortissimo, huge swells and instant downs sonority, slow down or speed up the tempo. Choral sound can convey finer shades of feeling, embodied in music, able to draw beautiful music picture. No wonder choral singing is one of the most popular in our country forms of Amateur.

By his manner of singing choral groups differ from each other. Choirs, performing classical music and contemporary works, sing "covered", "round" sound. This is the Leningrad academic Cappella name M. I. Glinka, Republican chapel named after A. A. Yurlov, Big children's choir of the Central television and all-Union radio, boys ' choir of the Moscow choral school name A. C. Sveshnikov. Folk choirs sing in a special manner, so-called open sound. Recall, for example, the sound of the Pyatnitsky Choir, Northern folk choir and other musical groups.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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