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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter P


Pieces for piano or accordion write on two lines: one for the right hand, the other to the left. Works for voice or any instrument with piano are written in three lines: the upper one for voice, violin, cello, etc., lower two - for piano.

But the music takes a string Quartet, orchestra or even larger ensemble: orchestra, choir and several soloists. How to be in this case? It is impossible to write a separate line for each performer.

It is impossible, nor is it necessary. Because in every orchestra many of the same instruments, such as violins or cellos, and in the choir - the same voices. For them only one musical line.

If the score lines to write one under the other parties of different tools, you get what we call the score.

On the same page of music paper in twenty-four to thirty lines written all that play together instruments, sings fine it is Clear that the fit on this page may only a few cycles.

Page of the score of the seventh Symphony S. Prokofiev
Page of the score of the seventh Symphony S. Prokofiev

In the score of the party all instruments placed in strict order. The bottom line for stringed instruments, and over them is placed a strike group, above the brass, even higher - wood. If in the performance of the participating choir and soloists, the lines with their parties are under shock, higher stringed instruments. And within each group places too strictly allocated. Bottom line - for the lowest band instruments: basses have strings, bassoon - the wooden tubes in copper. The higher the line, the higher the "voice" of the instrument.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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