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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter D


The house where she is, you can learn from a distance, without reading the signs. How many different musical sounds heard from him! Uncertain range of the violin and fast piano passages; pure, clear voice tube and shimmering arpeggios in the harp. Coherent sound children's choir and the monotonous repetition of simple melodies on the piano is write music dictation...

Children's music school is now in almost every city. There are hundreds of thousands of guys.

Every enrolled in the school of music, learn to play some instrument - piano, violin, cello, accordion. In many music schools have classes harp, wind instruments, opened sections of folk instruments: balalaika, domra, guitar.

In addition to training his instrument, each student attends the solfeggio - development of hearing, where they write music dictation learn to learn by ear different intervals and chords, sing with sheet and learn the basics of important musical science - elementary music theory. All are designed and choir, singing in which interesting and useful for the young musician of any profession, and the lessons of the musical literature. The teacher introduces its students with the best, the most outstanding works of world music, talks about their features, about the history of their creation and, of course, about their creators - the great composers of the past and present.

Very interesting story of the opening of the first children's music school in the USSR. In 1918, the work of the famous Putilov came to C. I. Lenin with a request to organize an art Studio for their children; they wanted the children of workers were able to exercise their fathers conquered the right to join to art. Despite the difficult situation in the country, many important and urgent matters, Vladimir Ilyich found the time to do the requested work. They were given a luxurious mansion on the Avenue. From the music store on platforms that dragged on the tram tracks a small train in the mansion brought the tools. Were invited to the best teachers of Petrograd.

Learn about the opening of the Children's Art Studio (as it was called then), it rushed the children of workers. They were engaged passionately, diligently, and in July 1920 was held the first concert of the students. Children's brass band met Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who arrived at the Second Congress of the Comintern.

In 1937, the Studio was transformed into a Children's music school of the Leninsky district of Leningrad. And in 1961, to commemorate the history of the founding of the school, she was named after V.I. Lenin.

Earlier, a few decades ago, music schools was quite small, and almost all of their graduates have chosen music as his profession was then entered in a music school, where he received special secondary music education (all music schools, usually with a seven - or eight-year education). Now music schools very much. The country does not need so many professional musicians, many of them out every year from the walls of these institutions. The main task of the children's music schools (usually referred to simply as CMS) is to foster cultural of Amateur musicians, versatile developed musical aesthetically educated boys and girls.

Of course, the best of music school graduates, young musicians who have shown particularly good professional data entered music school, and later at the Conservatory, where they earn a higher musical education. In General, however, the preparation of professional personnel engaged in special music school existing at the conservatories. In them, unlike the usual music schools, in addition to music courses students take and complete a course of General education subjects in the volume of the decade and have secondary General and musical education. After graduation, they can enroll in music schools or any other institutions of higher education.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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