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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter B


Brave toreador Escamillo in "Carmen"by Bizet, rebellious Demon in the Opera Rubinstein, Eugene Onegin in Tchaikovsky, Valentin in Faust, Rigoletto at the Opera Verdi... How many completely different operatic roles, different in character roles! And they are all written for baritone male voice, middle register between bass and tenor.

The Greek word barytonos means heavy. This name is given voice not accidental. Singers with beautiful, rich baritone, usually assigned to party a courageous character. If you remember at least one of the following Opera characters, you can imagine the sound of the baritone.

Many people probably familiar with the name George USA. This wonderful Estonian singer-baritone has performed in Opera and concerts with the execution of the songs, sang the Soviet and folk songs. Preserved on the TV film "Mr. X" on the Kalman operetta, in which OTS plays a major role.

Aria mister X from the operetta I. Kalman, "the circus Princess".
Takes The Georg OTS

Baritone by Muslim Magomayev, the soloist of the Bolshoi theater Yevgeny Kibkalo. One of the most famous baritones in the world was a famous Italian singer Titta Ruffo.

Famous baritones
A Titta Ruffo
A Titta Ruffo (1877-1953)
Muslim Magomaev
Muslim Magomayev (1942-2008)
Dmitri Hvorostovsky
Dmitri Hvorostovsky (genus. 1962)

The baritone range from a flat of the great octave to a flat first octave.

The range of the baritone

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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