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Invented in 1841 saxophone is among the woodwind instruments, although made of metal is silver or a special alloy. In sound and in form it is similar to the clarinet, especially on the bass clarinet. Its timbre is reminiscent of an English horn, and partly cello.

The saxophone

The saxophone was named inventor of the Belgian master Adolphe sax.

First saxophone was only used in military bands. Gradually it started to be introduced in Opera and Symphony orchestras. It sounds in the Opera Massenet's "Werther", in the music of Bizet to the drama "arlezianka". In "Bolero Ravel used three types of saxophone - cycle, soprano and tenor. Rachmaninoff instructed the saxophone solo in the first part of "Symphonic dances".

S. Rachmaninoff. Symphonic dances. part 1

There are for Alto saxophone and concert works - Rhapsody for saxophone and orchestra Debussy and the Concerto for saxophone and orchestra Glazunov.

Full member of the Symphony orchestra saxophone and did not. But in the XX century, its vibrant, expressive and passionate sound attracted the attention of jazz musicians. And the saxophone has become a true master of jazz.

Jesse Greer. Just You, Just Me
Play Lester young (tenor saxophone, vocals), Oscar Peterson (piano)

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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