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Many different orchestras, you know. Symphonic and pop, brass and folk... They consist of different tools combined into homogeneous groups, have different colors of timbre depending on the material from which the tool is made, and from the way that extracts the sound.

The horn orchestra is quite different.

They appeared in Russia from the mid-eighteenth century. The first horn orchestra created a Director of the Imperial theatres count Semyon K. Naryshkin. Being appointed chief Jagermeister, he set a goal to improve the sound harsh and unmusical hunting pipes. The solution he instructed his Kapellmeister Jan moreso. A few months March secretly studied horn music and presented it at one of the significant techniques. The performance was a huge success. In 1757 the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna heard the hunting horn orchestra, was ordered to do the same at his court. Since you have the horn orchestra tried all the noble houses in Russia.

The horn orchestra. XVIII century
The horn orchestra. XVIII century

Horny orchestras existed for about a hundred years and consisted of a homogeneous brass instruments-horns. Each horn has issued only one tone is beautiful, sonorous voice. So the band had a lot of horns of various sizes - so much so that one of them made a sound and it was possible to play music. To play the horn orchestra was not only difficult, but even painfully. The musician has ceased to be a man, and was like a key that presses the conductor because he couldn't play any, even the most simple melodies, and only one sound. Moreover, it was necessary to make it happen exactly on time and the specified duration.

Of course, voluntarily nobody wanted to be a member of the horn orchestra, so they consisted exclusively of serf musicians and belonged to the noble lords, known for the rich. So, in St. Petersburg in the early nineteenth century was famous horn orchestra at the court of the Naryshkins, Stroganovs, the Sheremetevs, Razumovsky, Saltikov

Many years Horny music was considered to be irretrievably lost. However, in 2002, in St. Petersburg was created by professional music group "Russian horn Capella" under the leadership of Sergey Polyanichko. Now he gives concerts not only in Russia but also abroad. And in 2006 in St. Petersburg was established another band horn music horn orchestra of Russia", which was invited to speak at ceremonies and which promotes horn music all over the world.

The horn orchestra of Russia
The horn orchestra of Russia.
Photo from gallery official website of the band
J. Caccini. Ave Maria
Takes the horn orchestra of Russia

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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