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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter M


In the evening on television broadcast Opera. Before the show you are listening explanatory word, which tells the story of creation, reveals its features.

You want to know more about the composerwhose music you really like. In the library you give a book about it.

Premiere of the musical performance. In Newspapers and magazines appear on his reviews. In the concert hall, before the evening of symphonic music, the listeners buy the program. They enclosed a summary - the story of the music you will hear.

In music schools, in addition to the majors, that is, learning the game in one way or another tool, there are still lessons solfeggio and musical literature. If you do not understand the value of a musical term or need to know anything related to music, you take music dictionary or encyclopedia... In all these cases you are faced with one of the aspects of the musicologist.

Specialists, musicologists studying at the Conservatory, on the theory and composition faculty. They gain knowledge on the history of Russian, Soviet and foreign music, harmony, polyphony, instrumentation, analysis of musical forms, receive teaching, practice lecture, learn the basics of editing.

Musicologists are scientists, the authors of the research on the works of composers of the particular epoch in the development of musical culture, about the different tools of musical expression. Musicologists - and many teachers at all levels, from professors of the Conservatory, the authors of books on music history, music literature, harmony, etc. to teachers of musical schools, heads of music societies. Musicologists work in archives and museums, editing books about music and notes; prepare music radio program and concert programs; writing critical articles. This is a very interesting, multi-profession, requiring a large and varied knowledge, skills and understanding in music of the past, and musical events and phenomena, the ability and fluent word to Express their thoughts orally and in writing, and, of course, fluent piano, without which a true professional unthinkable. Russian musicology knows the names of many prominent musical scientists. Among them there are even academician B. Asafiev, which owns many books and articles devoted to Russian, Soviet and foreign composers.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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