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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter T


There are in Poland, such a legend. In ancient times on the tower of the fortification wall of the city of Krakow was now standing watch warrior. He looked keenly into the distance: to see the enemy. In his hands he held a copper pipe, so as to give warning in case of danger. And then one day he saw a swirl of dust. And after a few moments of doubt was not: the enemy! Sentinel raised his pipe, and over Krakow sounded the alarm. Cloud rained down arrows on the tower. One of them pierced in the chest by the trumpeter. Gathering all his strength, he ended signal. Only at the last sound of the pipe fell from his hands... Many centuries preserved in folk memory of the hero who saved their city at the expense of life. And now callsigns of Krakow, the ancient military signal trumpet, breaking on the last sound.

The trumpet is one of the most ancient brass instruments. Her image is found during the excavations of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece. She was informed about the dangers, supported bravery of soldiers in battle, opened the ceremony, called for attention.

And in the XVII century pipe joined the Opera orchestra. At first she was modest role: occasionally played a short signal motives, participated in the execution of chords. At that time it was available only simple melodies built on the sounds of the triads. However, over the years, the tool has improved, increasing its range. The pipe was able to perform more complex and expressive party. Its crisp, clean, slightly edgy tone increasingly attracted composers. The trumpets in a solemn, heroic, and sometimes lyrical episodes.

In the score party tubes located above the party trombones, as the pipe closest to him on the character of the sound, better than the other merge tools with them in the orchestra, and in the range higher: from e minor to d of the third octave.


Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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