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This word is, without a doubt, all familiar. Widespread competitive exams, moreover, not only in universities, but also, say, in the music school. You probably had to hear: "There is great competition for ten people to place" or, on the contrary: "In this year's contest is almost there - half a man!" And yet, and quite another: "Is the laureate of international competitions", "...the winner of all-Union competition...".

The Latin word "concursus" means a collision. In music, generally in the art, the so-called creative competition. There are competitions among composers for example, for the best work for an important anniversary date. Such competitions are held under the motto: the jury does not know the participants. Notes should be sent in an envelope, on which everyone writes their motto, and in the other, a little envelope under the same motto, according to your last name. These envelopes are opened only after the contest was held. The purpose of this procedure to ensure the impartiality of the jury, that all participants were in an equal position, and loud the name of the author of a work does not affect those who must evaluate the submitted works.

Much more common are other contests performers. They are held in the form of public concerts in several rounds. In the first round involves all who wished to participate in the contest. To the second round only the most interesting part of the participants. It is even more rigorous selection process. Still some of the most brilliant, the most talented. On the third round between them on the points system is the allocation of seats: winner, winners, winners.

The winners are those who are rewarded with prizes and certificates of honorable mentions.

There are many traditional, there are regular competitions. For example, the competition Marguerite long-Jacques Thibaud competition in France: take part in it pianists and violinists in memory of outstanding musicians pianist long and violinist Thibault. Or competition named Frederic Chopin in Warsaw - for pianists. But the most representative, the most honorable and responsible, of course, the competition named after P. I. Tchaikovsky, which is held every four years in Moscow.

Medal winner of the international competition. P. I. Tchaikovsky
Medal winner of the international competition. P. I. Tchaikovsky

The first competition named after P. I. Tchaikovsky took place in 1958. His winners were American pianist van Cliburn and the Soviet violinist Valery Klimov. Now in this competition involves not only pianists and violinists and cellists and singers.

Valery Klimov
Valery Klimov
Van Cliburn
Van Cliburn

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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