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Has it ever happened to you in the theater or on TV to get acquainted with the Opera Tchaikovsky the Queen of spades? If Yes, then you surely remember the third film of the Opera. Reception in the rich St. Petersburg home. Expect the most noble, the most distinguished guests. Among the guests - and the main characters of the Opera: the Countess with her granddaughter, Lisa, groom Lisa Eletsky, Herman, Develops the action of the Opera, there are some events that are directly associated with it, and suddenly... "the Host asks guests to listen to the pastoral under titlem "the Sincerity of shepherdess", I hear you. And starts charming pastoral, sort of a play within the play: charming shepherdess rejects rich man, Zlatogor for the sake of his dear friend, shepherd of the Queen of spades.

P. I. Tchaikovsky. The interlude "the Sincerity of shepherdess"
from the Opera "the Queen of spades" (Act II, scene 1)
Chorus and orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre, 1974

Pastoral - an elegant scene in the style of the XVIII century, the characters of which are perceived as animated porcelain figures, stops the main action of the Opera, while distracting from it. The harder it will unfold in the following pictures. This is the interlude (the Latin word "intermedia" means being in the middle), that is, the insertion piece, performed during a break in the main theatrical performance.

Once these interludes were widespread and dramatic, and at the Opera house. From the interludes, a whole genre of comic Opera which was not originally set independently, and sounded during the intermission between acts of serious play, the so-called Opera Seria.

There is a word interlude another meaning. This is the part of the polyphonic pieces - Fugue - between two adjacent series of topics. This is close in meaning to another term: interlude (Latin inter - between, ludus - game), which is also called a music clip or a small play, which is a kind of link between the two parts of a larger work.

Another related term - Intermezzo, derived from the Italian intermezzo - pause, intermission. So is it called intermediate values that are in cyclic - multipart - works between other, more significant. Its role is to set off on their character and mood. Sometimes composers give the name of the Intermezzo and independent pieces, not very significant in content.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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