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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter F


Do you know how far in the past celebrated weddings in Russia? Wedding game, as it's commonly called (in many fairy tales you may have heard: "the wedding"), lasted several days and sometimes several weeks. It consisted of various scenes, lyrical, comic, and tragic, from a variety of games and rituals.

Very large place occupied in her songs. The songs sounded solemn, cheering, praising the bride and groom humorous, comic, sometimes parody, often ridiculed matchmakers; guest, drinking; a merry dance. Many songs have been sung by the bride: she wailed, saying goodbye to her by her family and maiden stakes, fear of an unknown future in a strange family. Choral song was performed by the bride's friends bachelorette party and in the morning of the wedding.

In our time, some choirs recreate on stage highlights vintage wedding.

But not only the wedding was performed in the nation so bright and colorful. The whole life of our ancestors was accompanied by singing, gaming action. There are household songs: lullaby, comic, lyric, songs of lamentations, mourning the dead, song-tales, bylinas, telling about the distant past. Many of the songs associated with the annual agricultural range: all rural works calendar holidays found in them the reflection.

This is a huge song richness is defined as "folklore" - folk art. Unlike the vast majority of terms originating from Latin and Greek words, this term came to us from old English language, perhaps because they refer not only to the music. English folk - people; lore - teaching. Together these words - folklore - translated as "folk wisdom". Exactly, respectful and even sublime, accepted all over the world to call folklore music and literature.

The title is deeply true. Indeed, in the works of oral national creativity embodied people's experiences, traditions, worldview, that is really given to folk wisdom. Folk music is folk songs and dances, stories and instrumental music.

Unlike professional music, folklore does not know the authorship. The work lives on in the oral tradition, passed from one artist to another, sometimes changing. So folklorists (so called by those who study folk art) in different places from different artists record at times, very different from other variants of the same songs or tales. "Folk songs as musical organisms, not compositions of individual musical and creative talents, and the product of a whole nation," wrote the prominent Russian composer and music critic A. N. Serov.

But folklore is not only popular wisdom. It is also a manifestation of the soul of the people. Cannot be mistaken for a Russian song with Georgian, with Negro spirituals or Blues, Neapolitan tune be confused with the Scottish tune. Because each of them is causing the life of the nation, its history, its life.

Folk song, and more broadly the entire musical folklore is the basis of the professional composer's creative work. "Creating music people, and we, the artists, it just need to arrange," he said once Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka. In many works of Russian composers we hear the tunes of folk songs, rhythms, dances. And all, without exception, Russian music imbued gleaned from native folklore intonations, the smallest turnovers, which create the difference between one of the national musical culture from another.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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