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Barrel organ

Now hardly anyone remembers the hurdy-gurdy, and when it was very common. The yard was part of an old man with a brightly painted box on his shoulder, often sitting on the monkey. It was a grinder. He was off his shoulder his burden, he began slowly to rotate the handle of the organ, and with a hiss and sobs could be heard the sound of waltzes and polkas, often dissonant and fake.

The Norman Rowell (1894-1978)
"The organ grinder"

Impressions of these sharmanochnyj melodies gave D. D. Shostakovich in some of his plays, such as "Polka-jukebox" and other

D. Shostakovich. Polka-barrel organ (modern arrangement)
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What is a hurdy-gurdy? It is a small portable organ with mechanized sound. On its rollers written several plays that start to sound when the organ grinder twists the handle.

Barrel organ

One of the first plays performed on this organ, was a French song "Great Catherine" ("Charmante Catherine"). From her and went Russian name for the hurdy-gurdy. In English this tool called "street authority" (street organ).

But the record is erased, the street began to sing flat, and her poor owner who lived on the pittance that was thrown to him by the audience, of course, could not buy a new one. And gradually the word jukebox became associated with fake and boring, monotonous sound. So now, when long barrel organs are gone, you can hear the railing and angry: "Well, again its a barrel-organ started!.."

Children toy - barrel organ

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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