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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter P


What do you think, is different than Tchaikovsky's piano Concerto from his symphonic fantasy "Francesca da Rimini"? Of course, you say that the concert of solo piano, but in fantasy it is not at all.

Maybe you already know that the concert - piece manifold, as they say musicians cyclic, and in imagination only one part. But now we are not interested in it. You listen to the piano or the violin Concerto, Symphony by Mozart or a Beethoven Sonata. Enjoying wonderful music, you can track its development, how replace one another different musical themes, as they change, are being developed. And can reproduce in imagination some pictures, the images that causes the sounding music. Your imagination will probably differ from what we imagine the other person is listening to music with you.

Of course, there is no way that you in the sound of music, it seemed the noise of the battle, and someone else - a gentle lullaby. But violent, terrible music can evoke associations with the flood and the storm of feelings in the soul of man, and with a terrible roar of the battle...

And in "Francesca da Rimini" Tchaikovsky by the name indicated exactly what draws his music: one of the episodes of "the divine Comedy" by Dante. In this episode explains how among the hellish vortex, in the underworld, rushing about the souls of sinners. Dante, who descended into hell, followed by shadow of the Roman poet Virgil, encounters among those carried by the vortex shower beautiful Francesca, who tells him the sad story of his unrequited love. Music of the outer sections of fantasy Tchaikovsky draws a hell of vortices, the middle section of the work - sad story of Francesca.

There are many pieces of music in which the composer in one form or another, explain to the students their content. So, his first Symphony Tchaikovsky called "Winter dreams". The first part of it he prefaced the title "Dreams of the winter road"and the second "Gloomy region, misty edge.

P. I. Tchaikovsky. Symphony No. 1 in g minor, cit. 13. "Winter dreams".
Part 1. "Dreams of the winter road"
P. I. Tchaikovsky. Symphony No. 1 G-mol, SOC. "Winter dreams".
Part 2. "Gloomy region, misty edge

Berlioz, in addition to the subtitle "Episode from the life of the artist"that he gave his Fantastic Symphony, still very in detail the content of each of its five parts. This statement by nature is reminiscent of a romantic novel.

And "Francesca da Rimini", and Symphony "Winter dreams" by Tchaikovsky and Berlioz ' Symphonie Fantastique - examples of so-called programme music.

You probably already realized that software music is instrumental music, which was based on the "program", then there are some very specific story or image. Programs are varied in their type. Sometimes the composer recounts in detail the content of each episode of his work. For example, did Rimsky-Korsakov in his symphonic picture "Sadko" or Lyadov in "the Dummy".

It happens that, referring to the widely known literary works, the composer considers sufficient only to indicate the literature: I mean that all the students know it well. This is done in the "Faust Symphony" Sheet in "Romeo and Juliet" by Tchaikovsky and many other works.

Found in music and the composition of the other type, the so-called art, when the plot outline is missing, and the music draws one image, picture or landscape. These are symphonic sketches Debussy La Mer. Three of them: "From dawn to noon on the sea", "Play of the waves", "Call of the wind from the sea".

And "Pictures at an exhibition" by Mussorgsky so called, that the composer gave his impression of some of the paintings of the artist Hartmann. If you haven't heard this music, definitely try to get to know her. Among the pictures that inspired the composer - "Dwarf", "the Old castle", "Ballet out unhatched Chicks", "Hut on chicken legs", "the great gate in the ancient Kiev" and other distinctive and talented sketches.

M. P. Mussorgsky. "Pictures at an exhibition".
M. P. Mussorgsky. "Pictures at an exhibition".
The old castle
M. P. Mussorgsky. "Pictures at an exhibition".
Ballet out unhatched Chicks
M. P. Mussorgsky. "Pictures at an exhibition".
The hut on chicken legs. Baba Yaga
M. P. Mussorgsky. "Pictures at an exhibition".
The great gate. In the capital city of Kiev

Listen to all the pieces of the cycle "Pictures at an exhibition"

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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