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Music dictionary in the stories. The Letter G


Only took a fighter of the three rows,
It is immediately obvious - the accordion player.
For the beginning, to order
Threw your fingers from top to bottom.

Forgotten village
Suddenly opened, eyes closed,
Side native Smolensk
Sad memorable motif,

And from the old accordion,
What was left an orphan,
Somehow suddenly became warmer
On the road front.

This "Vasily Terkin" Twardowski. And how many more poems, and songs, and humorous and lyrical, dedicated to the accordion. Without this tool and its variants Bayan and accordion, which has gained huge popularity among the people, it is impossible, perhaps, to imagine any of the Amateur concert or evening at the country club... it Seems that the accordion has always existed. Meanwhile, it is one of the youngest musical instruments.


The harmonica was invented in Berlin in 1822. From there it quickly spread around the world. You probably never thought that she was a relative of the majestic musical instrument body, and even more harmonium, in the name of which does not happen to have the same root.

All kinds of harmonics is also key-wind instruments. Only the accordion on the one hand, and the accordion with both keys do not such as the piano, organ and harmonium, and in the form of buttons.

Bayan and accordion

Fur the harmonics are driven manually. Varieties harmonic lot: Vienna row, Russians - accordion, libenca, Tula, Saratov, and, finally, Bayan and accordion. Differ from each other they are in size, the arrangement of keys and buttons, the number buttons (hence the name durado, three rows).

The characteristic harmonics in the fact that unlike other keyboards, it has one touch buttons for the left hand is removed not one sound, as a chord. It makes easier the execution of simple pieces of music - songs, dances, but makes it impossible for classical music, because it accompaniment is never limited to simple chords, and create harmony with all the chords that can occur in music, of course, impossible.

Only one of these tools, the so-called "elective" accordion has bass not only prepared chords, but full, as on a piano scale. This accordion play complex classical works. You have probably heard the wonderful performers-Bayan, in whose hands Bayan sounds fully, powerfully, almost like a body.

In the first half of the twentieth century harmonics were widely distributed throughout. In each village were his accordion. But now her life continues - and at home, and in Amateur ensembles, and orchestras of folk instruments.

Fedot Sychkov. "Day on the farm"

Classes Bayan and accordion are in many music schools of our country, in music schools and conservatories.

Music dictionary in stories
Printed materials of the eponymous book by L. Mikheeva (Moscow, "Soviet composer", 1984)

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