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From our point of view, the moth eats inedible and edible products. However, the relatives of the moths fluttering in the bathroom, living not only in the hooves of Buffalo, but in the rose bushes, and inside the apples. Reddish worm, gnawing fruit, nothing like the caterpillar of the moth - not only those species that lives in the bathroom. Therefore, useful to know, which is trimmed with delicate fringed wings clothing and furniture moth no spots, same Golden wings fur moths decorate three or four brown dots. And that's what's amazing: she robs from may to September, that is, until the coat is in the chest. Hungry winter this mole holds on the ceiling or cornice... Crafty caterpillar sleeps, when the coat is people.

Barely velupillai on the light and a little biting, a caterpillar and other moles build individual houses - tube. Housing is constructed of quick-hardening silk thread. (Here's the miracle: wool - silk.) Silk thread stretches from the mouth, is equipped with a special spinning glands. Outside silk house skillfully masked by the hairs, wykonywanie caterpillar of the coat or jacket, where she settled. Erecting housing, mol is taken for the destruction of wool. Within ninety days of his life the caterpillar becomes heavier 400 times! Far away from home she is afraid and when everything is eaten, just lengthens the tube. If the fabric caterpillar not liking it, reluctantly, moved to more fertile place. Wanders cautiously, not faster forty centimeters per hour. To descend or climb higher, the caterpillar attaches silk thread to the right, to the left and crosses her. Pretty decent ladder.

Even in the most delicious wool suit mol attacks only at places where there is a condiment, where stained. This is explained by the fact that the caterpillars need vitamin C. Therefore, they roam in search of stains left by food. Probably suit had been in the cleaning, from the point of view of the insect food is not Prime.

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