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Bitter drunks-cockroaches for a drink of beer climb into the bottle. Mol also being chaste, on the bottom of the bottle looks and strictly adheres to the dry law. For all my life it's nothing, never drink. However, nothing live without water could not do, even the mole: the active life of any organism is possible only when the water in the body more than all other substances. The larvae of wax moths that live in hives, extracting the water by chemical oxidation of the wax. Our nearest neighbors - a, room, furniture mol also not thirsty. The water they do inside of a completely dry coat.

Who doesn't chased fluttering moth, trying to kill her! Even knowing that it was useless, still can't stand watching a rough flight indoor pest. If the butterfly has flown away - do not despair. Harm it will cause. She'd done everything I could. First, winged moth for a very good reason, not only drinking, but not eating - she has no mouth. She quickly dies exhausted: the wizened body weighs several times smaller than the first. Secondly, the passion for flight gripping males (usually two times more than females). Females are lazy because their fuselage filled with eggs and the same as in males, the surface of the wings have a double load. It turns out that crushing fat creeping mol, you will do a hundred and future of moles, and Prilipov flyer, which had already been on a date with a fat wife, I will not kill anything: male soon he will okalee of hunger. Nonsense - ate, ate, and died of starvation.

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