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Where there was an old horse, a tuft of wool will remain.
Eastern wisdom

If this saying was true in the literal sense of the word, the earth's land would be littered with horse hair, sheep wool, skins of bears and bird feathers. The grass there would have been nowhere to break through the used clothing animals. Nature did not allow such horror from hair and feathers planet clean butterflies, or rather, their caterpillars.

In other words, a moth of Affairs was in the throat and in those days, when the Earth is not yet built houses, did not weave the carpets and did not knitted sweaters: plain creation returned to the biological cycle trudnorastvorimye substances, which consist of horns and hooves, skins and feathers. And if Ostap Bender, a kind soul, knew how many insects he left without lunch, it might not would have fascinated buying horns and hooves.

Horns and wool made of extremely durable keratins. This is a very strange proteins. Unusual they are because of their long polymer molecules bonded bridges of sulfur atoms. This bridge can not destroy the acidic gastric juice of animals, we need alkaline digestion. Just so digestion and have caterpillars of moths and bugs-keratopathy. Against this background, the unexpected look of the message that the mole began and nylon coats.

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