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No matter how much clap mosquito wings -
The earth does not turn around.

In fact, millions of years mosquitoes clap their wings, and the Ground on the spot. But how many human lives, they turned around! Sometimes even influenced the course of battles - caused death among the soldiers. Not all kamariki attack - many seem to be tastier animals. And among the people they first burst to the children, and profusely sweating adults.

When you know the habits of the enemy, to fight easier. Enemies usually cease to attack when it is hot at 28°. Grace for them is 16° C and relative humidity of 80-90%. In dry air aching squadron will not last long - they lose water. Not like the enemy and high-altitude flights. This has long been used in the malaria edges - built to sleep eight towers.

The enemy has a graceful cover - flowers. "Winged Amazon" so I love that I climb inside. Why: there ready and the table and a warm shelter. Warm up flying army in the flower probably because of the concave shiny petals as mirrors, to direct solar rays to the pestle - this helps to tie the seeds. So inside poppy five degrees warmer than outside. Got splashed in the flower pollen, the enemy becomes our ally - pollinating plants. In the tundra and Northern taiga, it is especially important bumblebees and bees there's not much...

Good post - and frost uneasy. So winter the apartment is the subject of much concern and females find it within 14 miles.

Requestresults insects somewhere under bark, in cracks, in order not muzzle. Yes and hiding in buildings where there is no draught.

Winged army cares about expanding. Thus, larvae of Aedes select in water of a substance that influences the development of larvae of Culex. You should think of relationships, it has been noticed in people. "If a lot of mosquitoes, not to wait for the harvest of oats and grass will be bad". But: "a Lot of mosquitoes - prepare boxes for berries".

Picking berries is a pleasant occupation. But just a freeze, begins to force the rat To the mood is not spoiled, get suit, invented by L. I. Zhukova. It is similar to coarse fishing network. This network of dress shirt to wear became thicker 3.9 mm (length cameraimage of the proboscis). And then we have the saying - see the eye, Yes, the tooth is itching to do it.

In Union with us and chemistry: one hundred grams of camphor, evaporated above the burner, will be cleared of alien three hundred cubic meters of space. In the course of and personal protection: REDET, DETA, dimethylphthalate, clove oil... In East Germany on the Baltic coast the mosquito noise from spray guns, spraying harmful for insects fog, so that patients do not feel the donors.

Chemical battles occur in nature. In the laboratory of Professor A. I. Cherepanov learned that the enemy don't like sweet smells of cedar and birch: for one and the same time on the same day in the cedar forest caught 33 Komar, in the neighbouring birch - 229, and in the mixed forest - almost fifteen hundred. Fight with mosquitoes and algae cladophora of glomerata and Hara elegance. They emit into the water a substance that Deplete the digestive tract of the larvae.

In the field of mosquito control the harvest can be collected and with the help of garlic - garlic oil in breeding to twenty million't stand none of bloodsuckers.

In General, in the web of ecological relationships will have not one clue, which is to pull to win the fight against mosquitoes.

Here is sensational, really stunning discovery. In October 1970 in the upper reaches of the ili river, which flows into lake Balkhash, caught fish, fighting with mosquitoes much better vaunted gambuzii, bleaks or ruffs. Fish - charm. Her happy life does not need anything, except larvae bloodsuckers. She does not yet have a Russian name, and Latin writing it with a question mark (Aplocheilus latinas?). The growth of the mosquito fighter two or three inches. I.e. it can anywhere. Fertility is incredible. Endurance was very good. And indeed fish likes to live in a place where mosquitoes are making the first steps. Met this truly Golden fish in the upper river, and now she settles and the lower reaches of the Or.

In biological Arsenal is being and stronger fish viruses, fungus... to Contact him have because prisoedinyus to human population Piskunov now will not petitions. pesticides that poison and useful animals.

Recently biologist E. S. Kupriyanova carefully examined tropici Piskunov, lying on the banks of ponds and Bolotin in Moscow and Rostov region. The killer was a microscopic fungus entomophthora conglomerate. The victims were found even in observation wells sanitation. The miracle? No. This drama a hundred years ago described naturalist N. Century Sorokin. He was talking about newborns, newly hatched mosquitoes killed by the fungus. They floated on her back with her legs up. Swollen abdomen were covered with white patches of fungus that invaded and inside.

The fungus can come to us for help just in grace for bloodsuckers time - in the rainy season. He pounces on mosquitoes in the water, so dead individuals don't find the next 800 meters from the place of birth. If you flew on, so healthy. Unfortunately, microscopic warrior too tough insects and malaria torturers: their covers contain fatty acids that inhibit the growth of fungus.

Do not think that the author is ready to get rid of with the light of all mosquitoes. In no case! If they all disappear, what you eat dragonflies, fish, poultry? How will the biological cycle of substances in vast areas? The coherence of nature like the song. And from the song words can not erase. Meditate on a passage from the novel by H. G. wells ' Men like gods", which refers to a landscaped Earth of the future, shining country of Utopia.

"Swallows in Utopia was not visible because it was not mosquitoes and midges. In Utopia happened deliberate destruction of a major part of the insect world, and this had an effect on all beings, whose lives are directly or indirectly dependent on insects... Ten thousand species, starting with pathogenic microbes and to rhinos and hyenas were subjected to court. Each was given a defender. On each was asked: what is it beneficial? What's the harm? How can it destroy? What else can disappear after him, if he will disappear? Whether its destruction associated with this hassle? Or it can be cleaned and saved? And even when one or another type was the final death sentence... in some reliably isolated location remained a sufficient reserve of individuals convicted of view".

Who pity swallows - read novel. Because a little further wells writes that in fair Utopia swallows survived not only in the reserves.

Many predictions of science fiction come true. I would like to quickly and fully realized and environmental prophecy wells. Nature should improve, not to impoverish.

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