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It is estimated that for each person there are 250 million insects per year. Everything and moths, and cockroaches. How many mosquitoes, while it is not known. At least in the tundra they can be considered wholesale - on every hectare flies five pounds. A monstrous figure. But it's how you look. Biological cycle of substances in the cold tundra lazy, slow. Mosquitoes for some weeks return on watersheds chemical elements, which are water dragged down. On tiny wings with every hundred acres of swamp annually flies two pounds of carbon PUD nitrogen, nine kilograms of phosphorus, six - calcium, half of silicon. Travel and trace elements: molybdenum, manganese, boron... in Other words, on the land since time immemorial flying food for plants. Flies and food for birds.

You need to count the mosquitoes, the better to understand their biographies. And they all look the same. How can that be? To mark. But the mosquito is not a bird, ring him on the paw will not wear.

Perhaps to mark the paint? But not every stick is good only alcohol-soluble and metal powders. However, a drop mosquitoes will not drag. Yes and tag fit jewelers is painfully thin. Rescued sprinklers - began to paint in series.

Include the following information: if the bright spot is marked on srednespinka, the hour under a magnifying glass you can see the 75 individuals. If you arrange something like dry - cleaning to wash off the paint with a solvent on the filter paper, then thousands of beings at once will tell about yourself.

Alas, the many gentle flyers will be crippled in the painting workshop. And those that have successfully passed through his crucible, can be unlabeled - spot will wash away the rain. Therefore invented sophisticated labels. Once in the water, where dwelt mosquito larvae, made radioisotopes. And in the world flew millions of mosquitoes with an invisible mark. In search of ten labeled among fifty thousand unlabeled using a Geiger counter will suffice and minutes.

Mosquitoes prefer to engage in while they are still no mosquitoes in the water. Intense uptake by larvae of the chassis label - radioactive phosphorus is only possible with a good buffet. So they arrange a luxurious life in the water add meat powder, brewer's yeast, biscuits for dogs or ashamed to write!) litter of mice and gophers: 0.7 mg organic larva per day.

But what if you need to mark the elderly mosquito? The old man in the cylinder will not turn. Again there is a solution. Kamaraju allowed to mice or rabbits that were injected radioisotopes. Mosquitoes same taste labeled sugar syrup.

Low concentrations of radioisotopes do not harm mosquito health, do not change the duration of their life. And for all that the radioactivity of camera twice higher than males. Here is how radiation spreads through the body: the head - 5-10%, the abdomen of females 45-55%, foot - 10-25%, the wings of 0.5-2%.

There is something newer, the neutron activation method. In mosquito diet add regular salt selenium, manganese or rare items. Then the flyer released into the wild. He lives in accordance with the laws of the tribe. Finally, catch it again. And catching, running to nuclear reactor - irradiated with thermal neutrons, and the label is radioactive, emits media.

Some will doubt whether to do this. Worth it. The advantage of full radiation safety for other inhabitants of Earth. It is a pity that the method still waiting for tickets to a great life.

Catch manages crumbs - less than one percent of the released mosquitoes. So mark their hundreds of thousands and millions. Catch the so-called bell Monchadskii. This lightweight and easy construction: pole Yes gauze, stretched on the ring. Under this umbrella sits down people. Then he jerks the rope, and gauze with a ring falls down, cutting off komarica way out. You have to collect all the animals inside the white cylinder, stun aether and put in some vessel. Males have to bait the sound or the look Roy, where a net can be managed.

Catching mosquitoes is a tricky business. You have to consider that night little stronger werewolves just attracts all the bright, and the day is dark. That Anopheles prefer to find a herd of animals, and not to attack one person. There is a strange habits: in the expedition under the leadership of N. I. Markovic, who worked in Siberia, noticed that malaria mosquitoes living in the cattle yards, went for a walk together with again and they came back. Why do we need such a promenade?

Fishing labeled specimens revealed a lot. It turned out that they sometimes run away from the place of production of 40 kilometers. Learned new things about the industry, about the predators that eat mosquito eggs, on the mechanism of action of pesticides, more precisely estimate how much kamariki drink blood... But need to know more. Alas, the half-life very good label - radioactive phosphorus - two weeks. So you really have to shove mosquitoes in nuclear reactors.

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