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Mosquitoes squeaked - tapasaya cloaks.

The sign of the faithful - in the dry year of mosquitoes little. They are without water - not only to live, but not even born.

Insect eggs are incredible, fantastic. Among them will not only find the egg. The cradle of cricket-Trubacik like a little sausage, bug-chesnara - vase, butterfly-mayflies - on acorn. The eggs of the Anopheles mosquito (read - kamariki) resembles a boat. Mom puts the boat alone. Afloat they hold air chamber. After a couple of days, and when cool, two weeks later Somateria larva special egg tooth uncorks a boat and like a diver.

Pecunia - not like the malaria komarica. She has something like a manger - a raft of 200-300 eggs. But pecunia not bother to search: puts the raft into a ditch, pond, pit or barrel of water. Malaria same people give the pond, and not any, and with thickets, and not with any, and those that taste (waterweed, Ceratophyllum). They wrinkle their noses from the thickets of reeds and cattails that shade the water.

Kusaka frivolous: scatters testicles near the pools or along the road ruts. Those without any supervision lying to spring - maybe melt water flood ruts and ruts. Stupidity? No. Stupid nature does not forgive. And kusaka and forgive nothing - its mismanagement subtle calculation. Little puddles of water, the sun heats quickly and newborn first of mosquitoes appear in the arena of life - begin to bite in may. (To accept from the day of Luceri of Komarnica, i.e. 13 may old style.) Moreover, their fleeting life is not overshadowed by the influx of predators fans Kamara, and not all migratory insectivorous birds managed to return home.

We ran forward, and in a hurry walked larvae. Let's clean up the story. The larvae of fish food. In fish stomachs them and the road will think of some. However, not all roads lead there. Enough mosquitoes and our share. We have already said, when the larva will grow, will acquire wings and get married, we'll be able to feed. So what is the childhood of our tormentors?

Mosquito kiddies hairy. Why? Hair larvae need not to. heat is the oars and at the same time sensitive receivers external signals. But hair fans around the mouth are breadwinners, miners. Thanks to them at the mouth, seething maelstrom, which is withdrawn edibles, like Keith utters the water through the baleen.

Larvae of Anopheles bloodsuckers don't like just to hang out in the pond. According to them, everything should be fine. Otherwise they would need to moor to the leaf, Bank or sliver.

Leisure and working time, they are, from our point of view, conduct not in the best position: butt out, head in the water. Breathe with gills or a leaky tail, which is slightly sticking out of the water. If you need vernot, the vent pipe will clog designed for the valves. To ingest food from the water surface, they, like the owl, turn your head 180°. Swim like cancers backwards.

Go days. The larvae are swallowed some organics, some of the ciliates, possiblily algae. Gain strength. It is time to pupate. Pupae do not resemble dolls - similar to a comma. In the thick part of the transparent comma formed head and legs flyers, visible even in the eyes of future creations.

Finally, the top commas burst, and out into the light colorless spineless creatures. Abdomen they filled with air - insects in advance of his swallowed, so as not to drown. Sitting komarechka on his frail bark and complete the course starts a chemical factory in the body: for several minutes, the covers are stained and harden. You can fly to the shore. There is lot of things to do.

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