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Komar Komar leg not giving.

Almighty people without difficulty giving or tear the mosquito legs. If you pull only the front, still Komar will not be able how to cling to smooth the covers of the flower will fall down without drinking a single drop of non-alcoholic juice. And the person waiting children, without hooked anterior pairs of legs will not prodnet the skin of a mammal - the emphasis will be weak. Kamariki do not hurt with evil: without the red drops not to fulfill the purpose of the mother - matured eggs.

That blood thirsty just winged the fair sex, had guessed long ago. To such a profound conclusion can lead dance Indian tribe Creek. The long ages during this non Indian Amateur women, portraying Komara, painfully pinching men, and those manufactured by the legs unthinkable pretzel.

First, it seems like mosquitoes with legs no luck. For example, the nimble flies legs short and strong. And the pale tormentors, preferring to time to lurk among the needles and blades legs are long and thin, not intended for running and climbing. Not only the claws on the feet liken mosquitoes climbers (those clothes hooks or trikoni) - to bend with the wind blade of grass is unlikely to succeed without the suckers at the base of the claws.

For legs, you can see and who bites.

The vectors of malaria (Anopheles), sitting on a wall or cheek sort of way to put the feet that the rear part of the body is lifted up. However, during the winter and they sit, how all keep your torso parallel to the surface. Other mosquito - Kulikov (Piskunov), Aedes (Cusack) - advise to distinguish. Cusack hind tibia longer than the first segment of hind tarsi, Piskunov it is equal to or shorter. Easy, isn't it? Catch a mosquito, measure the paw, and all will be clear.

Here is the time to dispel a misunderstanding: many people are afraid of big mosquitoes with long legs - crane flies. Supposedly, they can nip that in the eyes of the spark will fall.. Imagination is. Tribe lanky giants won't bite. They are vegetarians. Stilts as protection. No, good-natured giants not kick. Sitting himself dolgonozhki on the leaf, legs apart. And the predators are almost always hooked it up. She suddenly breaks off and jerks like tail, dropped the lizard. Predator takes surprise. Dolgonozhki also carries the rest of the foot.

If we were talking about what are mosquitoes, you need to say and who they are. They are insects. In textbooks it is written: the body of insects is divided into three parts: head, thorax (lungs, it does not, this receptacle of the muscles that move the wings and abdomen. The body is composed of segments of notches. Hence the word "insects".
And where they went themselves mosquitoes? Strange question. Who does not know that they came from the swamps and puddles.

Otherwise thought of before. One legend says that mosquitoes sent to Earth by the great spirit as a punishment for the infamous gossip some woman. But Sakhalin Ainu tribe descended mosquitoes, horseflies and other insects interpreted so. On the mountain among the tribe lived an enormous one-eyed Ogre. The most daring ain dared to battle with the monster and managed to sink an arrow into his eyes. So from the murderer's nothing left, he burned his body and scattered the ashes. Unfortunately, the ashes of a murderous tyrant turned into a rat. But Ainu figured: "it is Better to suffer from blood-suckers, than to have among his people one-eyed Ogre". Right, better!

Note that even kamariki not always cutout. They are ready to drink water, especially in hot weather, do not neglect and vitaminizirovanniy juices of plants, prepared slipnot milk, cling to the trash... And the skin of the animal they are only interested in after the wedding.

Many on their own experience that it is better to give komarica to finish a meal than to kill her on the spot. From the remnants of stretching in the skin of the proboscis will be blown up bubble. True, and from her saliva itchy bites - it anticoagulants, accelerating the blood flow. Saliva annoying and plant tissues, increasing the separation of the juices.

After the Board is not alarming stuck in the skin kamaraju I published in the journal "Chemistry and life", we received this letter from a reader. "Summer in Karelia I (the reader.- S. S.) has done the following experiment. All eating me kamariki (apparently, pikuni) were divided into three groups. One group (15 pieces) calmly got fed up and flew away safe and sound. The other group (20 pieces) I stopped to eat, tapping a finger on the skin around the chosen places, and mosquitoes flew hungry, but intact. Others were subjected to the death penalty at the crime scene (50 pieces). The results of the experiment are as follows: after 15 lunch first group - 15 bloated and jesusita bubbles; after 20 lunch the second group - 3 bladder (apparently, these three komarica managed to taste my blood); on the place of destroyed komari no bubble! Therefore, when someone starts to suck your blood, then the first impulse to kill him on the spot, judging by the results of my experiment, the only correct response."

Who wants to repeat the experiment, it is interesting indeed to see for himself what is best for you - saliva or proboscis, that is, to execute kamaraju, during the meal or mercy?

After publication in the journal of the preceding letter mail from Kazan delivered to the editor a new message. "Working in the reserve, populated by mosquitoes, I found the following: when searching foraging Komar cautious and timid, but during the act of chromophyte completely lose vigilance. If at this time a small scissors to carefully cut the back part of his abdomen, the mosquito as if nothing had happened continues its work. Blood flows from the hole, while the donor is excited, then the experiment is terminated in a most radical way, recommended previous komarovetal. Perhaps the mosquito feels full in increased pressure drinking blood in the stomach; if the damage abdominal pressure increases and the insect sucks to oblivion. Do not use it in the clinics, when someone needs to take blood for analysis, and he is afraid of medical supplies? After just a gnat bite..."

And one of the residents of the Murmansk region, where mosquitoes are a dime a dozen, wrote in "Chemistry and life", which, according to his observations, kamariki on the body often try to sting in those places where medical acupuncturists guide the needle. And kamariki seemed to be particularly fond of restorative acupuncture points on the hands and forearms. Well, isn't it? Suddenly it's confirmed!

The man who suffered from mosquitoes, horseflies and even bees can moderate pain, rubbing blisters green feather bow: his juice in these cases and has a sedative effect. Sometimes it helps and white dandelion jelly. To onions and dandelion showed its strength, it is recommended to pull out of the skin stretching sting.

Bee pull easy, but removing the tiny mosquito proboscis - enterprise for virtuosos.

The sting of komareki, or rather, her upper lip, incredibly stretched and cut, like a medical syringe. Subtle and gentle syringe will not sink without elastic jaws, covered with glue and therefore closely adjacent to the proboscis. The lower lip is like the case, holding the surgical instrument in a tight bundle. As a pack, clear emblazoned on the face.

Sitting on a cow or two-legged ruler of the planet, Comerica struggling, selecting the right place. Then setae (mandibles) bite into the skin of the lower lip slides on the proboscis, and reveals the syringe. Sometimes its pressure exceeds the pressure of the freight car on the rails. But the skin elastic. Provided that the syringe assist serrated jaw. They, like a saw, squirming back and forth. And now it's done. Bored hole. Put the syringe. So it is not clogged, then the injection of saliva. After this begins to work pharyngeal pump. It works like a pump to olavanna the windscreen of the car. If there is a pump, must be the receiver of the red liquid. Indeed, blood is pumped into special food reservoir. From there it gradually comes in the middle intestine, where is the digestion.

Their complexity. Kamariki fortunate scarlet calorie drop, before drinking watery vegetable juices. Will not get upset if their stomach? No. Though quite small mosquito midgut, Yes udala. She instantly switches enzymatic activity in the digestion of proteins. Not because you have komari in the gut predominant protease, and not changing menu males another enzyme invertase?

Swollen female (it may be more than she weighs) tries to hide in the shadows. Sitting komarica, involved in digestion for about a week. That seems to be it. But no, not all: at the same time in the body of the Mature eggs. Then she holds the path to the swamp or the puddle, where on the shore waiting for the evening. For the sacrament of permission from the burden shamefaced kumarihamy done under cover of darkness.

Putting aside the testicles, they again become vegetariansim. And again the wedding... But the third marriage in the middle zone of Russia is practically impossible - year-old Comerica lives only two months.

Remember what started the story - the new York mosquitoes stuck to the transformer. And we in the middle belt have Udaltsov, ready in search of cute clipping the wings and legs. But it's much more shy. Assembled in mating swarm, they dance in the air. So to say, wait for an invitation to the white dance. A cloud of mosquitoes waving over the footpath, near a lonely tree in a field at the edge of the shore, or just over a bright or dark spot on the ground. In the forest men's ensembles perform over the glades. The dancers flies bride and drags someone behind him.

N. Century Nikolaev Institute of ecology of plants and animals for several years was engaged in mosquito festivals. It was found that the male ensembles daily for three to five hours together dance mosquitoes of different nationalities, of different kinds, which in large breeding swarms show their capacity 500-800 suitors. And that they live up to the offensive little ten days.

It would seem that we must hurry to see the world. Alas, shy dancers will bounce from native puddles thirty metres will take nectar and waiting for "the initiator". Then the tedious group demonstration flights. And again waiting. Invite komarica is good, but if a mustache or something that didn't come out in a week or two will sink into Oblivion.

But their happy girlfriend do all that capable. In Evenkia five minutes on the human forearm sit 400 Komara, deer immediately jump 8500 future mothers...

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