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Flying bird is not a bird: thin sock, voice call - who will kill her, that his blood was shed.

In 1878 Hiram Maxim (five years later he invented the famous gun) installed electric lights near the chic Grand Union hotel in new York. The engineer noticed that the news of electrical engineering interested in not only American and visiting bourgeois, but also representatives of the animal world: around the transformer fussed mosquito crowd. Judging by fluffy hussar moustache, that were males, because komari mustache group) is bad. Besides insects flew only when the transformer was buzzing. Maxim picked up a fork and began to collect whiskered gentlemen and without transformer. Bezus same convene failed.

So the engineer did Zoological discovery: mustache mosquitoes is nothing like ears, and a transformer attracted admirers deception - his monotonous voice reminded mournful for us and enchanting for mosquitoes peep the wings of the females.

Entomologists raised Maxim laughter, saying that this does not happen because that can never happen. Scientific journals are considered below dignity to promulgate such a primitive experiments, and at the same conclusion... Amateur! Then Maxim outlined his observations in a letter and sent it to the then "Half". It is the material printed.

Seventy years started mosquitoes that transmit fever, and Maxim was justified in the eyes of the Orthodox. And experiments auchenai entomologists were too simple. Kamaraju hung on a thin wire. If she waved wings, males were sent to her with amorous intentions. If her wings were silent, even hot boyfriend flew past.

Hearing males was irrelevant: the song they heard no more than 25 centimeters. A later and more sophisticated experiments revealed that mustache trembling to the beat of the wings of the females of their own species, that is, act as selective receivers, poorly responsive to vibrations of different frequencies. It is very convenient. Moreover it is necessary. Otherwise the males would be wiped out in vain: kamariki different types of swing wings from 300 to 600 times per second. Try without my mustache to find a bride...

The hearing for mosquitoes - a matter of time. Only a few days old, growing up, becoming suitors, they start to hear the wings of females: hair mustache, before hanging limp, for the wedding take military position start topromise. Was great-komarechka, was the mosquito-old comrise. Whiskers do not allow young creature wasting time on in the full sense of the word fruitless pursuit. Yes, and young, not yet ripe kamariki take care that the stronger sex is not trapped - sing, not as the bride.

Might get the impression that mosquitoes only listen to each other. Not at all. Right, don't know what more to taste - balalaika or saxophone, but to the low sounds of their sensitivity worse, and to high - better than humans.

Kinda mosquito mustache it's time to put an end. However, recently found that mustache is not only the ears but also the eyes. The Department of entomology of the University of Moscow mosquito is the decoration was first dried, then deposited gold to make tiny cuts. The sections were photographed under an electron microscope. And that's moustache (!) find the cilia (!). The structure of cilia unmistakably shows that mosquitoes really sniff mustache or ears, if you like. With a mustache molecules of odorous substances in a liquid substance, as in the dog, as in our nose. By the way, do mosquitoes runny nose?

But Bliznitsa them it is not given: the language is mostly on the legs. Nothing can be done - feet better than proboscis know gastronomy: the proboscis taste chuvstvitelnyj hairs less than on only one of the front legs. Shaggy and middle legs, hind was a mess - almost bald, only a few gustatory hairs.

MSU staff members, irritating solutions of potassium chloride, sugars and amino acids hairs connected with tiny electrodes learned that sugar sensor at the foot of kamariki comes to excitement, if in contact with amino acids - lysine, alanine, histidine. This is not surprising - they are all contained in the blood and sweat of humans and animals. Kamariki here long ago entered into the taste.

It is a pity that in scientific publishing where you got this information, not mentioned lactic acid, which is kind of crazy reduces komari. The smell of dinner (a component of sweat) they seem to feel far away. But what is a mustache or feet? And feel great - according to some reports, the hunger kamariki can find a herd of three kilometers! It is unlikely that such will achieve with the help of legs: contact chemoreceptors on the tarsi is a melee weapon for pravilnogo application of injection. So without the mustache and the most charming Komarek would be thin.

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