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What in ancient times did paint?

Vegetable dyes from antiquity has been used by man for decoration of weapons, clothing and shelter. First there were the juices bright petals, leaves and fruits of plants. Then people learned to make special colors of plants. During the excavations of the Egyptian pyramids found fabric blue, dyed Indigo (dye from the leaves of plants the true Indigo). In Ancient Russia blue dye was extracted from the root of Polygonum dye, the yellow from the roots of sorrel horse, cherry from lichen steppe of soletanche, and with the help of BlackBerry and blueberry stained fabric in purple tones. Of the cuff, learned how to get the yellow, green and black paint, of St. John's wort - red, yellow and orange.

Especially wide color palette gave madder dyeing. The famous bright colors and multicolored Daghestan rugs were woven of wool, colored substance that was obtained from this plant.

The most ancient recipe ink belongs to the Egyptians - a mixture of carbon black and oil for writing on papyrus. From purple and vermilion did red, "court", ink. And the black was part of carbon black, bone and vine, charcoal bone charcoal. In the XVI century invented used so far iron ink. For their manufacture processed alder roots, walnut or oak bark. Since it was invented many recipes for ink, including "eternal" and even invisible.


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unfortunately very short answer
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thank you! was looking for the answer to the question of what is ink, walked many sites, the main didn't find one, I came to this site, written in a clear and short, everything is clear, the answer to the question is!!
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