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Is it possible to build an inclined tower?

The leaning tower of PisaThere is a tower, which looks terrible: it seems a little more and it will fall. It's the leaning tower of Pisa. Began construction of the tower architect Bonanno Pisano in 1174, was continued by Giovanni di Simon and completed by Tommaso Pisano - grandson Bonanno Pisano. Continued construction of the leaning tower of Pisa for about 200 years.

In the midst of the work, when the tower was erected by almost half, people noticed that the tower banked, clay soil, on which it was built, could not withstand the weight of the marble structure. However, despite the fact that the construction of the tower continued. Raising the next floor, the builders tried to remove the roll design, but has only made the fact that the tower was not only inclined, but the curve.

For many centuries the tower of Pisa with its unusual form gathers curious tourists from all over the world. And roll tower, meanwhile, gradually increases. In 1990, the situation has become so serious that the city authorities ordered the closure of the tower for tourists.

To prevent further decline of the tower were carried out certain work, resulting in the leaning tower of Pisa somewhat straightened.

The leaning tower of Pisa has 294 steps, and its height reaches 55,86 meters. The weight of the tower - 14 500 tons. Base diameter inside the tower - 7,4 meters, outside - 15.5m. In the tower there are 7 bells, each of which is configured to one musical note. Tiers from the leaning tower 8, and the slope with respect to a vertical line is 4,55 m.


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