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Why form sulfuric tubes in ears?

In the ear canal special sulfur cells constantly produce earwax. In the normal ear sulfur successfully and on time is inferred from the ear. But it so happens that sulfur produces too much or shape of the ear canal (too narrow or tortuous) prevents the output of sulfur out. In such cases, ear sulfur accumulates in the ear canal is sealed and forms sulfuric tube.

Thus, sulfuric tube in any case is not the result of slovenliness. But it can be the result of improper care for the ears: if people regularly cleans the ear with a cotton sticks, it may be further compacted sulfur accumulation in the ear canal.

Due to earwax there is a feeling of stuffiness in the ears, a feeling of something foreign in your ear, you receive a ringing in the ears, and if the tube is formed near the tympanic membrane, the person may feel pain. The tube can reach large sizes, but if between it and the wall of the ear canal is at least narrow the gap, the hearing is normal. As soon as the tube will cover the entire ear canal, the hearing will fall dramatically. Discomfort from earwax increase after swimming or taking a bath, when sulfuric tube swells from the water trapped in the ear.

Sulfuric tube in any case, you cannot remove yourself at home! It is impossible not to pay attention to sulfuric tube, because it can cause inflammation (otitis). Doctors otorhinolaryngologists remove sulphur tube irrigation of the ear with the help of special tools.


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