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Can go "fishing" rain?

Sometimes tornadoes and waterspouts suck from the earth, from the mud, water not only fish, but also small animals.

So on September 23, 1973 from the sky over the village of Brig-ol in the South of France in a huge number showered little frogs. The culprit turned out to be a tornado lifted a small swamp.

A similar case occurred in March 2010 in Australia. There in the rain were falling from the sky not only frogs, and fish and poultry.

There was an incident when hundreds of pink frogs, which the tornado lifted up in the Sahara (Africa), fell in the United Kingdom (2 thousand miles away).

"Fish rain" is random and happens every time in different places. But the nature and here presents us with surprises inexplicable phenomenon, when "real rain" are repeated periodically in the same places. So, the rain of frogs in Honduras occurs annually, beginning in the NINETEENTH century. In the district Yoro in may or June each year passes fish rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning and lasts more than three hours. The locals explain this phenomenon divine intervention. There is a legend that in this area from 1856 to 1864 lived a Catholic priest, Father Jose Manuel Subirana. He spent in prayer for three days and three nights, asking for the bread of life, exhausted by hunger, the Indian tribes who lived on the territory of Honduras. The Lord heard his prayer: after the heavens opened and went fishing rain. Since then, he repeats every year thanks to the fervent prayer of the priest as a reminder to the residents about it.

Scientists are puzzled about the causes of mysterious phenomena and nominate version, only emphasizing the helplessness of science in solving this riddle. So, some believe that the fish rises to the sky strong gales from the Caribbean sea, the wind is transferred to Yoro, and there poured out a generous rain (and this happens every year!). Others suggest that actually fish does not fall from heaven, and brought to the surface of groundwater. Third version - sea fish, migrating, somehow miraculously be over 200 km from the sea at the moment, i.e. when the river Iguana overflows during the rainy season.

The residents of the town of Yoro not much concerned about the search for the true version, and just at the end of may or in early July, collect fish and enjoy "fish rain". After the rain all the streets littered with fish and smells like the rain too fish!

Fish rain
The annual "fish" rain in Headrace


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