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A symbol which country is the Eiffel tower

The Eiffel towerthe Eiffel tower is the most famous landmark in France. It was built for the world exhibition of 1889 of more than 7 thousand tons of steel as a symbol of the achievements of the nineteenth century by Gustave Eiffel. The highest for those times tower in the world was installed 250 workers on the Champ de Mars in front of Jena bridge in a remarkably short period of just 2 years.

Currently, the tower is used as an observation and radio and television centre. Every day she invites a large number of tourists to climb to the highest point - the observation deck and enjoy the beautiful views from a height of 300 meters.


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2013-04-05 13:06:24
Scary to 300 meters
2012-02-01 01:18:34
Alteva tower is the most beautiful tower in the world
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