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Painful horse when it podsovyvayut?

As podsovyvayut horsesNo, not hurt. Because the hoof is composed of a Horny substance, it has no nerve endings, as well as in humans in hair or nails. However, if you try to Shoe unsuspecting animal without preparation, it is, of course, vzbryknet. So first young horse is taught to give the farrier (blacksmith) feet. Then start tapping on the hoof with something wooden. Then make a horseshoe and tap on it. All this is done gradually, without unnecessary haste that the horse was used and was not afraid.

However, you need to make a reservation: not to accidentally cause the horse pain, Koval must be experienced. And even Koval-professional can sometimes make mistakes, especially if the horse is not standing still. If podrovnoe nail will be placed too close to the sensitive part of the hoof, or nails will be touch sensitive area, the horse will feel the pain, she can even start bleeding. The inept Koval horse may start to limp and can even be lame for life.

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2012-02-08 03:37:31
I think horses are beautiful animals,and the people they help are not less good!
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