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The speed with which increases the Sahara desert?

Unfortunately, square many deserts are growing every year. Grow and the Gobi desert in Mongolia, and the Kalahari in South Africa, and the Karakum desert in Central Asia.

Every year deserts occupy the territory, comparable to the size of Belgium.

But the record - African Sahara, the largest desert on the planet. In the beginning of XXI century the area was more than 7 million square kilometers. Its Sands come to the South and the South-East at a speed of 50 kilometres per year. The reasons for this movement scientists are still unclear. There's no way to stop this steady sandy offensive.

Did you know that...

  • Sahara stretches across a large part of North Africa, covering 9 million square kilometers.
  • The Sahara desert occupies 30% of the entire African continent.
  • Sugar - the hottest and hottest place in the world with summer temperatures that often exceed 57 degrees Celsius.
  • In the Sahara falls annual rainfall and very powerful sandstorms, raising sand to 1 kilometer in height and moving dunes.


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2013-06-08 23:16:42
Scientists simply don't have time to do stop the desert. And even they just do not give it a go.
2012-11-29 18:43:13
She's there in the middle of some eye of the Sahara. Remember, in the journal he was reading. But it was the crater of the volcano, the former lake(Naturally dried) - God knows...
2012-10-08 10:54:48
Cool little here, this is a problem
Ilya (10 years)
2011-03-31 12:06:12
I only now learned!!
2011-03-06 10:53:16
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