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Can decompose plastic?

Plastic is usually decomposes very long - 50-100 years. They say that seeing the curb Italian motorways, hurled plastic bags, canadian chemist James Guiler from the University of Toronto worked tirelessly, not invented plastic, biodegradable. He introduced into the molecular chains of the plastic particles that disintegrate under the influence of ultraviolet rays included in sunlight. However, the resulting material could be used only indoors. Cost to go outside, and plastic was falling apart.

The first plastic, which was able to biodegradation, was biopal company "101" in Billingham (USA). It made living in soil bacteria. In 1990, in the packaging of biopile was placed German shampoo "Vella".

And in 1993, the Corporation Kai (Japan) invited buyers razor from biopal, which is two years after her bury or drown completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

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