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Porcelain is regarded as the most noble ceramics of the highest quality. Feature porcelain that he has absolutely white color, not only on the surface, but also on a break. With a light blow with a wooden stick porcelain product produces a characteristic high clear sound.

Porcelain is prepared from a mixture of kaolin (white clay), quartz and feldspar. Porcelain is fired in a special high temperature furnaces.

A method of making porcelain was known in Ancient China in 200 BC. But the Chinese kept the secret of its production in secret.

China has created the most favorable conditions for the invention of porcelain. In one of the provinces are still abundant unique mineral - porcelain stone. Its composition makes it much easier preparation of the masses for the production of porcelain.

The Chinese had his professional secrets. For example, for the manufacture of the finest porcelain, which was called "egg shell", the porcelain mass is kept in the closed state in the ground for 100 years.

For a long time it was forbidden to export from China porcelain. Only in the XVI century Portuguese merchant managed to take a few porcelain knick-knacks and a piece of white clay. However, it took many years before Europeans discovered the secret of its production.



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