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WHERE did the RUMORS THAT 2012 SHOULD have BEEN the end of the world?

recently, the topic of the impending Apocalypse has never been fashionable around and then heard the dark voice of the prophets who predict the imminent end of the world, referring to the ancient Mayan calendar. They say, in 2012, a terrible natural disaster should wipe out all life from the face of the Earth.

whether to believe such claims? What are they based on?

the root Cause of such pessimistic forecasts became the Mayan calendar. This long-vanished civilization until the IX century ruled on the territory of present-day Mexico and parts of Central America. Like any other religion, the religion of the Maya created their own picture of the world in accordance with its inherent beliefs and convictions. History of the Maya were divided into five successive stages, called "cycles long account. We live in the fourth cycle of the Mayan calendar. Its beginning is marked precisely - August 13, 3113 years before our era, and it will be finished, according to the estimates of Maya priests, exactly 18 720 000 days. That is 21 December 2012.

According to some interpreters of the Mayan calendar, this day does not promise us anything good. The earth, they say, waits a whole series of natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions. However, these horrors predict modern interpreters calendar! We do not know how interpreted the events of that day themselves priests of the Maya: the written historical evidence about this we don't have.

However, if we turn to ancient mythology, it immediately becomes clear reason for this fear: the transition from the third cycle to the fourth, according to the tradition of the Indians, passed painfully. In the myths says that all living then people were destroyed by cruel gods and replaced by a new human race - our, much more respectful to the same gods. That's why those who believed that December 21, 2012, and believed that fateful date means the repetition of this scenario.

of Course, all of this is nonsense! You can imagine what force must be a disaster to kill 6.5 billion people? Time sleeping volcanoes, hundreds of simultaneous earthquakes around the world... all in one day! For geophysicists, which are long and closely monitoring our planet, this turn of events, it is pure nonsense.

Recently, the legend of the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar aligns with the hoax, which has been launched in the light of science fiction and pseudo scholar Zechariah Sitchin. In his book "the 12th planet", published in 1976, the year he wrote, if found, unknown to official science Sumerian manuscripts and they say about the planet Nibiru, which revolves around our Sun, but to make a full circle, it requires as many as 3600 earth years, so still no one could see. It was claimed that Nibiru huge - 4 times more Land. Argued that in 2012, the planet Nibiru should stalments with the Earth, and it will be the end of the world.

Claims that Nibiru is a planet, which was opened by the Sumerians, were born out of speculation and assumptions of the same Sitchin, based on nothing. Astronomers do not see in the sky is nothing like that. But if Nibiru existed in the form in which it appears in the predictions and supposedly represents a danger to the Earth in 2012, elfp in early 2012, it could be easily seen in the telescope. Nibiru is an invention of pure water. With the modern development of astrophysics is no "invisible" or "unopened" 10th planet in our system can not be.

" Nothing of the kind! - objection American Daniel Pinchbeck, a staunch supporter of apocalyptic theory. In his published book, "2012: the Return of Quetzalcoatl" says that this tragic destiny of mankind cataclysm will be called a rare astronomical phenomenon: the Sun, Earth and the center of the milky Way Galaxy will line up in one line. According to Pinchbeck and other supporters of this forecast, this cosmic parade will lead to the weakening of the magnetic field of our planet. As a result, the North pole will be on the South and Vice versa. More than enough, he argues that the world's climate has changed dramatically and caused natural disasters.

Indeed, a similar scenario has already happened millions of years ago in the geological history of our planet, when the pole shift was accompanied by a sharp temperature drop on the Ground. But this argument does not convince geophysicists. For professionals we are talking about a simple coincidence. After cooling for three hundred cases of pole shift that happened over 200 million last years of existence of the Earth, was observed only one time!

in short, the conclusions of Pinchbeck is either a joke or a deliberate deception! The more that promised "parade", which frighten us, does not involve anything supernatural, as happens every year around December 21. Therefore, you can breathe easy!

However, the false prophets are undaunted. And put up another version of the end of the world. In their opinion, the weakening of the magnetic field will lead to the destruction of life on Earth, as a planet will lose its natural shield. The deadly rays of the Sun, constantly bombarding the Earth, will not meet the usual obstacles in their path that will lead to mass destruction of living beings, first of all - people.

But here the arguments of the pessimists do not withstand scrutiny. 780 thousand years ago, there was a decrease in the intensity of Earth's magnetic field, which resulted in a change of the magnetic poles. However, judging by the fact that we are discussing this issue, our ancestors, Homo erectus, who lived at that time on the planet, had not suffered.

How many of them already, theories imminent end of the world, in the history of mankind! Promised all sorts of misfortune in 1999 and 2000from, and where are they? Where will be the talk of 2012, on a shelf of fairy tales and horror stories!


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2014-05-06 20:25:25
experienced already
2014-05-04 21:50:35
I don't believe in the end light !!!
2014-04-20 19:14:19
Some people in bunkers sit and think what on earth all obliterated by dust.
mouse Wisla
2014-01-19 12:31:00
this is all Nonsense! I don't believe in the end of the world. Yes it and is not! Nonsense, nonsense and stupidity it is. Of course, we must protect our planet and its nature and then everything will be fine.
2014-01-15 17:26:02
Maluleka well done!
2014-01-11 18:33:00
Already 2014, so it bullshit!
Nobody knows not the hour when will this end!
I and I
2013-12-19 16:57:36
It's all nonsense. and just hearing
2013-12-14 07:14:25
people now 2013 ends but in Astrakhan 21 12 2012 weather broke out in earnest. I'm an optimist and that stuff don't believe but I was afraid.
2013-10-21 16:44:15
someone else in the bunker sits
2013-10-06 19:33:04
and if it will be the end of the world, the people themselves and satisfied.
2013-10-06 19:28:00
Little that the Mayan calendar ended (for one simple reason: someone was sitting and this calendar stomped, stomped, stomped and tired! :) ), and such date - "21.12.2012".
And soon someone will come up with that in 2020 year the end of the world will be. Most likely, "20.02.2020".
2013-09-26 18:10:52
In the Scriptures it is written that on the earth there will be changes for the better will be the end of evil,and not "light"Only the specific date is not predicted,and given the signs.(Psalm 36:9,10;Matthew 24 Chapter...)
2013-09-04 17:50:34
who hollowed out the calendar got tired and went and no one came
2013-08-27 16:51:05
Maya could gopisetty calendar and topical leash until 2012 because they became extinct as the dinosaurs and have not completed calendar
2013-08-27 16:45:41
the world will not end and if it just won't light, that's all
2013-08-08 17:17:55
Such things constantly predict, and if all of this fear, you can simply whole life to live in fear.
2013-08-05 17:38:30
and rumors about kanec light dissolved the people and nekkie Indians may
2013-08-05 17:36:50
Nastya Mercator wrote (What morons these Mayan! Well, if you've created a calendar and you run out of paper exactly for 2012,it does not mean that 2012 will be the end of the world!) you don't understand it doesn't mean that they have run out of paper this means that Yes they ended the calendar and started a new like new era
2013-08-03 11:20:39
If you knew that the end of the world occurs 1 times in 12 years. Although you are convinced that it will not. Even if it is something you won't see it
2013-06-25 19:00:57
the end of the world?, he at everyone.
2013-06-17 14:08:59
What morons these Mayan! Well, if you've created calendar and you run out of paper exactly for 2012,it does not mean that 2012 will be the end of the world!
2013-06-11 11:33:37
the end of the world will never be
2013-06-07 14:13:12
this is all nonsense, the world will not end!
2013-05-28 16:49:05
Yes no all this nonsense!
2013-05-18 17:56:40
I don't believe the end of the world
2013-05-08 17:19:18
December 21-day Energetica!!
2013-04-23 20:05:27
I certainly was not afraid of the end of the world! BUT when I was 10 years old I just didn't know that there is such a thing! So people do not worry everything will be fine I'm sure!And tembolee already 2013!))
2013-04-09 18:10:05
humanity does not suspect that destroys the earth! destroying the forest ! drying of the swamp! changing the course of rivers! pump the oil! man as a parasite! will destroy this planet will move on to the next! everything is in our hands!! the only person not take into account that the earth is also a living organism! sooner or later this organism remind you!
2013-04-02 12:23:15
Apocalypse to happen when humanity is in the end to lose good,
and will crave power above all.
2013-03-30 14:11:27
I don't believe in the end of the world
Smart Scout
2013-03-25 03:46:55
the world will not end
2013-03-23 18:26:04
ever he will be the Earth has
shelf life
2013-03-22 20:35:03
I know when will be the end of the world all look at the clock and set the timer!! it will be 2018 August 8, 6 minutes and 8 seconds!!
2013-03-08 18:20:18
end of the world there WILL be HOW many of THEM REMEMBER VOSMIDESYATI
2013-03-07 16:13:45
the world will not End it all say to people to scare and so they're all shopped out, even in 199 year was peredavali and that nothing was! Won last year spoke and che but if protosol the end of the world why we live! They just scare people and they just do nothing but scare because then do not buy! Because their wages are low and all!! But I recommend you not to believe them it's all the horror stories here so at least I so sitaw! But it's your business, Veit and not to believe but I don't believe!! It's all scary stories like that!!
2013-03-06 17:28:09
the world will not end
Blec alon
2013-03-03 13:19:35
I am sure that the end of the world began and the duration until 2016, the planet will not die in one day))
2013-03-01 20:28:39
we live and not think about what happens tambul or not.
I Averina that chelovechestva sale with a bunch of instruments, and even if camuto there cannot see opredelit!
2013-03-01 04:51:10
Not afraid. If anything, call Bruce Willis and he will save us, he is not the first time :)
2013-02-28 08:34:55
in Russia the end of the world has come long ago:)
2013-02-27 14:09:10
ever he will be. Because in space a lot of meteorites and other celestial bodies, and no one knows what and when we will fall. Take for example the meteorite in Chelyabinsk, someone knew what he was going to fall?? And if he was really "huge", then we PI..EC would come. So it may happen again, and perhaps a few. And with this nothing can be done about it. The question is, when once again we will fall and what size it will be...
2013-02-16 19:13:53
actually the end of the world it is a divorce for money, and you believe in all that! who agree with me please write in comment
2013-02-13 18:28:38
say he cancelled for 2014
2013-02-12 22:12:59
DIMASIK[E] I completely agree with you he wouldn't have got through it would be in the atmosphere shores!
2013-02-09 11:35:58
the world will not end) it naturally... how many times had he said that the end of the world end of the world... . will not be it all! on the telly showed that the closer 2012, cambrige the end of the world! but nothing like this...
2013-01-16 20:02:12
the end of the world it's fiction!it is not only in 2013 and in 2012!After about a million years!and after a million years we have any there will NOT!People may not even 2 centuries!

So the world will not end!only after 100 years!And even Verity don't!Still pojavitsja new earth!

2013-01-12 01:46:57
yeah I promised and not a lot happened!!
2013-01-06 17:30:56
2013-01-04 15:41:51
WHAT NAFIG END of the world SHIT right NOW, JANUARY 4, cine will but maybe not potomuchto the history of meteoric else will fall and the rock are daitit it melts in atmosphere.
2013-01-01 13:54:00
what is the end of the world in 2 hours the night 2012 Sachs January 2013 and that's something I don't see the end of the world is Allah reset
2012-12-31 18:32:39
all of this is nonsense how many of these "end of the world" and how many of them will still be people as lived and will live until they powerout but it won't be the end light and the extinction of a people
2012-12-29 01:49:54
All you naive people, verusha in God, which they themselves invented, you believe in fairy tales that we came up with ourselves... But one has only to act like everything is beyond understanding, the end of the world for it is understood differently (it is necessary to understand how the cataclysm) but for what he will come nobody knows... Maybe its the same way people made up as God? Everything is so possible. Don't believe the nonsense and live the reality of looking to the future.
yeah the end of the world will soon be, the person carrying the burden of this is still to lazy to do)
2012-12-29 00:43:07
do you know why the end of the world invented?now during 18-21 December, someone came into the discs peterock?no I went there and there's nothing baloot for this and came up with the end of the world that people all skopeliti are we petrocca is Dixie svaznoy and there is still a lot cegui there even in swetnam not what was not.
2012-12-25 22:38:15
yeah the end of the world anyway nebudet. they get paid what they frighten us
2012-12-25 14:54:46
the end of the world will love to be the earth is not eternal when all about will die but it will be somewhere in 1 milliard years!
2012-12-24 18:57:05
we all class domaim that kanza light but not nekatere dumout that kanec light will be but resacas but will
2012-12-24 11:57:31
the end of the world will be when we are already in sight!!
2012-12-24 09:29:17
if it was the end of the world we would have not been
2012-12-23 19:53:39
Us to live... Only if our descendants, and about the great Patriotic one to remember will not be what you...
The Fox
2012-12-22 19:51:19
I believe in God but not believe in the end of the world means the truth is on my side
2012-12-22 18:22:23
if it was the end of the world, but now there was no electricity and most importantly the Internet
2012-12-22 17:42:22
he 23
2012-12-22 17:17:01
It's all gon about the end of the world!Lie and another hundred kazhi will wrote!! BELIEVE IT NOT!!
2012-12-22 15:58:25
Well, where is it...the end of the world
LOOIJ He will be in
3399 year and to be honest I never
well we won't see him!"21 is NOT the end of the world"
2012-12-22 15:06:14
TODAY, 22 DECEMBER the end of the world NO!!
2012-12-22 14:32:12
the world WILL NOT END
2012-12-22 06:49:51
All conclusions proved to be a false alarm (a bluff.)As you can see,I'm a 22 December sitting vibrant,healthy =) And Yes,poor people are listening in to a bluff bought highly-paid bunkers that brought great harm and damage to his store financial culture!
2012-12-22 01:13:34
no!walk on!in my opinion no one wants to die?!
2012-12-21 21:14:30
2012-12-21 20:40:09
And you you know who invented earned 10 million
2012-12-21 19:43:28
g. in 21,53. LESS!
2012-12-21 19:21:26
this END of the world promised in 10 hours, and where is he?
The world WILL NOT END=)
2012-12-21 19:10:14
AA it will not be it exactly , or rather it most likely will not be=))it's all bullshit
2012-12-21 19:09:45
the world will not end. although scary, we in the village opened a geyser...
2012-12-21 19:09:05
ugh nothing today school was missed !
2012-12-21 18:40:31
Yes you che?? this world will not End!!
2012-12-21 18:28:23
neverest at the end of the world,but vseravno insurance!!
2012-12-21 18:12:36
2012-12-21 17:59:24
ur? the world will not end (ashamed scientists)
2012-12-21 17:52:44
broke some end of the world and never will
2012-12-21 17:42:48
it seems to Me that nothing will! because the end of the world promise not already 1 year!! but still scary as!!))
2012-12-21 17:25:16
I'm afraid!
2012-12-21 17:14:01
it's all gon nagasumi, now moved to 23 the number of the Mayan there were another number...and will move...this is a simple PR,in which all and all savariaud money...!
2012-12-21 16:59:34
Here "predictors" it will be bad!))
2012-12-21 16:55:21
the world will not End!
2012-12-21 16:35:29
what kanec light bullshit the force only Allah knows
2012-12-21 16:34:10
Said, 10 00 Moscow time, and...
2012-12-21 16:17:07
all lies!!
2012-12-21 16:16:25
today will be the end of the world at midnight
2012-12-21 15:13:16
where the end of the world
2012-12-21 15:07:38
only God knows when the world ends, we poor people are not able to predict anything,but I still want to be the most intelligent, blunt permitee brains, I think so
2012-12-21 14:21:14
Now scientists moved the doomsday on December 23,:DD Today the whole school was counting minutes Yes the end of the world:DD But we will live in spite of teachers
2012-12-21 13:32:56
Spake the end of the world will be in ten in the morning,well, where is he??I say the end of the world,who are you ? Come bye!
2012-12-21 12:57:36
People!I made my theoretical conclusion about the coming Apocalypse...I'm 15 and I quite adequately understand,I went through the TOS and hope to survive the end of the calendar may quite blagopoluchnaya people,which obviously listened to the distraught man in his tribe,people clearly did not believe,but to Express the schizophrenic nobody dared...that's Why we believe on this day, this phrase
"end of the world will be 21.12.2012"
2012-12-21 12:46:34
Anonym,not so easy to take and to call the appropriate person of the lower individual thinking not quite accordingly to the real nature of any other person!Problems?:D
2012-12-21 12:24:05
nothing happened
2012-12-21 10:47:56
don't panic people!! All this nonsense about the end of the world bullshit and full of nothing!!)) Parade of the planets, so you know it happens every year, the 21st of December and there are no consequences, he shall not be,if only for the Earth's magnetic field! And the theory of the end of the world very beneficial to our government. Not just because they allow you to spread rumors about the end of the world on the planet!!This is good progress for the development of behavior from people on this end of the world! No state has no need of panic and confusion at a critical moment,better to let everything sit,laugh at another prediction of the end of the world and peacefully, silently will give everything ends!! Think about the obvious things. Government life plays tricks on people!!They are interested!!So live on and not primase't care if the world will end,there is nothing we can do...
2012-12-21 10:02:16
Yes you che still believe in the end of the world,Yes it is funny,it was not and never will be
2012-12-21 09:01:25
Yes I just think Miami was too lazy to finish the calendar,and the world will not end))
2012-12-21 05:50:32
... This article is written based on the materials from the sites For seeking the Light of truth”... Let us reflect together on the theme of “2012 - the year of the Great Transition“...

first define what a “doomsday”? The end times?.. Or... the End of the world is the end of the “old time” and move to “New Time“?.. What it could be? In the emergence of “new Energies” on Earth: that is, the “end of the world” refers to the terms “Development” and “Evolution”.

“New Time” is a new discovery, a new understanding of man's “I”, his place on Earth, in the Universe. The new Time - a new opportunity for the Earth and man!.. So?.. the
this raises several issues: this “Great Transition” occurs abruptly (”the moment between the past and the future“)?.. Here comes along the street ordinary people - Go - and he was “the Man of the new Era”? ))..

... And why 2012?.. But what about the End of the world in 200 year 2001 (mean not only “computer end of the world”), 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009?.. How many predictions: Revelation (Apocalypse), the day of judgment, Islamic eschatology (the Day of resurrection; Arab. “Yaum al-Qiyama”), predictions of Nostradamus, Vanga... etc!..

And why do you think that in the 200th year of, say, was not the end of the world?.. “Doomsday” is not Armageddon (the battle of Armageddon), is the next stage of Development... Analyze the time from the end of the 20th century to this day...

2012 is the next significant stage in the Development of the Earth and of man - mankind!.. It we discuss hypotheses “end of the world 2012” (2012 End of the World).
2012 most often associated with the calendar of the Maya civilization (eng. Maya calendar). 21 December 2012 (584283 correlation; or December 23, 2012, the 584285 correlation; - DoomsDay) is the result of a Long Account of the prophetic Mayan calendar OSH LAHUN BAKTUN (Calendar Thirteen Bartunov; decipher: “Osh lagoon” - 13, a “Baktun” - 14400 days, that is: thirteen times to a hundred and forty-four thousand days). 21 December 2012 - 21.12.2012 - according to the Mayan calendar “4 Ahau, 3 K ANK in” (eng. “4 Ajaw, 3 K ank'in”) or

on December 21, 2012 end of the temporary period of 13 bartunov, which began on August 11, 3113 BC
According to the legends of the Maya on Friday, 21 December 2012 (referred to as: “the days when the gods descend to earth“) is the God of beaulon Yokte Ku (God changes, changes, patron date Mayan Long Account) will descend to Earth in order to participate in the creation of a new Era - the Fifth age (or the age of a White Jaguar).

on December 21, 2012 is not just the Era in which mankind came out of the cave and flew into space... End of the 5,125-year cycle - the Fourth era in the Mayan chronology, but according to Aztec legend, we now live in the era of the Fifth Sun; according to the legends of the Maya in the First age of the sun was not yet. By the way, the Incas called 2012 the year of the date of the meeting with oneself, and the Indians Zulu believed that in 2012 the world will turn upside down”, in the 21st century Indians ends the era of Kali Yuga, followed by update time, the Egyptian calendar and the calendar of the Cherokee Indian ends in 2012... Also, according to the material from sites “looking for”, there is mention of 2012 the year in the ancient texts of the Sumerians, the indigenous people of New Zealand Maori, Indian Hopi...

21 December 2012 - the winter solstice is a time of “great” sync - planetary (parade of the planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Earth will line up in one line...), sun, star (”will line up not only the planets of the solar system and the planets of other star systems”; this fact cannot be checked... any star systems?..) and galactic (cycle of about 2600 years - period of the precessional oscillations - the year of Plato”...).
December 21, 2012 - “the Great Galactic solstice”. What will happen in that Day:

the Sun and Earth, respectively) will pass through the backdrop of dark divide“, “Galactic birth Canal” in the Central bulge (let me explain: for the ancient Maya galaxy the milky Way seemed great Cosmic Mother that gave birth to all life; the Central bulge of the galaxy (Central Bulge”) were associated with Maya Cosmic Womb, within which there is a “dark corridor”, known as “the dark divide. Its passage, the movement of childbirth” (”birthing pace”)). The sun is born anew from the Galactic Womb...;
will end the Era of Pisces (the motto of “I I believe”), will begin the Age of Aquarius (motto: “I know”), duration of about 2160 years;
end of three main cycles (each about 2600 years) - 7500-7600 years, there will come a planetary Transition: the Earth and all who inhabit it “moves together with the planet in a different density”;
galactic Shift (occurs every 108 million years; half of one revolution around the center of the milky Way - “Central Sun”): the Earth will pass through the “Ray of Light” will be included in the “photon belt”, “Stargate”), go to another level of vibration;
Quantum transition (Quantum leap): the transition from the third dimension to the fourth;
the universe will move from one system to another...;
humanity's transition into the Sixth divine-human Race. Will happen, “the purification of souls and hearts.” There will come an Era of Spiritual awakening... the Man opens the possibility to become immortal...
Rebirth (reincarnation) of a person in the God-man, Superman (not to be confused with the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche) underlies many modern Teachings. Rebirth, by the way, is that people open Abilities are Indigo children. About the “Great transformation”of the advent of “New Time” tell us “circles“. 2012 developments also encrypted in “circles”.
the end of the world in 2012. Hypothesis
“... you Need to inform the faithful about the imminent arrival of the Antichrist and
to invest in their souls good concern,
which will cause them to properly prepare for the inevitable...”
Elder paisios the Athonite (in the world Arseny Esnaider); 1987.

Consider other hypotheses - apocalyptic. The movie “2012″ (directed by Roland Emmerich Roland Emmerich), the same one who made the film “100 years BC”) 'll see) ... What could happen in 2012:

the fall of an asteroid: Earth will collide with an asteroid 2005 YU55. As well as the passage of the comet Annahatak through the Solar system;
collision (or, rather, “contact” with all the consequences...) of Land with a mysterious planet Nibiru (Nibiru; Planet X, or Marduk, or Nelda)...;
contact with another civilization (including living on Nibiru);
abnormal solar activity, hence the earthquake, the shift of the earth's crust, the world flood, from here:
reverse polarity change of the magnetic poles of the Earth...;
world war - a nuclear war (predict, at any time,...);
world pandemic, viral (whether it is a virus influenza a/H1N1?..);
death from “mad” particle accelerator (large hadron Collider; the TANK);
global warming or global cooling (forecasts polar...), hence the collapse of the ecosystem;
the peak of the global economic and political crisis, according to the transcript of the quatrains of Nostradamus (again Nostradamus...);
flash of gamma radiation will reach the Earth and reaches the Earth as “acid fog” (it was discovered in April 2005 scientists Observatory NASA Chandra (Chandra), which erases everything in its path: the stars, comets, planets...
According to the experts of NASA, in September 2012 will be the “Energy end of the world”: the Sun'll come a great flash (like Carringtons storm (Carrington Event 1859 year). Around 2012, expect the peak of solar activity (Sun, by the way, now behaves very strangely (!): observed anomalous decline in Solar activity...).
... And they say that when entering into a new Era (Fifth era), the current civilization will be destroyed (?..), but the “0.5% of the population has a chance to survive”...

so What awaits us in 2012, 21-23 December?.. We'll see, there are not a lot of time..

2012-12-21 02:15:13
the wind in ALLAH and everything will be in order!
2012-12-21 01:50:05
the world will not End! We given!
2012-12-20 23:03:00
do not worry. who knows whether or not this end of the world. I guess we will see.
2012-12-20 22:22:30
the world will not end of budet the end of an era, the era called 5 sun, it happens once in 25 thousand years, the end of the world will only have we not podem when someone knows he can schA after half an hour may be after tomorrow who are not padaet and who are not pridumal calm down I news they watched the girl hanged and wrote the better I'm going to die what would nevidel then some nonsense one said and all the movies and m current need money to live on and not nastraivaemsya life goes on
2012-12-20 22:12:37
Harbingers of the end of the world is when : 1 At Easter does not come Holy fire
2 Appears antihost
3 war
it is written in the Bible
2012-12-20 22:07:05
me on this end of the world somehow violet I'm out tomorrow after school will come and go for a walk will mean we will epergne che not delaem and will not be so will
2012-12-20 21:44:32
Now December 21, 10 hours. Oh God how strashnoe notifies that the end of the world ever will be. I have verified all of the results of the predictions of the prophet Iussa of Christ, all that he said is coming true. The reality is always evil. We all sit and wait 12 hours.
2012-12-20 21:27:01
"end of the world"!! BәPI Allanaң қOlinda!!
2012-12-20 21:27:00
Yes it will not be scientists opravilo all this crap
2012-12-20 21:22:00
we are in the area already fixed bright flashes Svetsaren!!Maybe tomorrow 10(morning) lost electricity on Earth.
2012-12-20 21:06:32
the end of the world,in the other,like religion-theme very grandisonae both designed to control the people))the crowd of madmen believe in what they themselves are not sure,reading,interesujacy...As for me,pin 1 is to the overall development is very good(s) theme(s),but as the object of intimidation or of admiration and even more faith-full nonsense.
2012-12-20 21:00:05
All this crap. The only thing scary is the fact that people kill themselves thinking about the end of the world and do terrible things. And that's the end of the world for them
2012-12-20 20:45:42
you know guys this Raving Mad parade of planets for some 20 hours of this NONSENSE but I already 21 and still somehow
2012-12-20 20:35:56
I am very trusting but what I read makes me a little calmed
2012-12-20 20:19:56
I really nahoditsya the end of the world
2012-12-20 20:17:12
parade of planets WILL NOT be! Well how many have already talked about this!Planet scattered,and they can't for a couple of hours to line up.
2012-12-20 20:16:37
ie 200 year.
2012-12-20 20:15:21
not need to believe in it and be afraid all this nonsense) We still had to die in 200 year why you still live. People earn money. Just feel sorry for people who are on the soil of this topic complete life samoubistvom he will, no candles and stocks will not help...hopefully on Lucchesi at all as it can cancel??well actually even funny it is to listen. Us each year will scare People... don't be afraid everything will be fine))
Yurippe Nakamura
2012-12-20 20:14:14
I agree with you dimych it news looked good!!
Yurippe Nakamura
2012-12-20 20:12:51
I'm afraid I school tomorrow will not go iza end of the world
2012-12-20 20:09:26
this is nonsense
dimych it
2012-12-20 20:06:43
there is a version that December 21, 2012 at 10:00 will be a Parade of planets which would entail a complete disappearance of sunlight for 3 days. What do you think about this?
2012-12-20 19:53:43
I don't believe
2012-12-20 19:47:31
tomorrow We light candles in school will come in English well, if you're finished eating
2012-12-20 19:35:29
of course nothing budetti leporati and leucine make big money on it,the media aluda always be worried about his own life and all it can hurt or help will be most vanise these scoundrels and was looking for any clues to replenish their capital-well they found them,and that's what razulis will be fine,and we'll live long)
2012-12-20 19:27:38
I never believed that it will be the end of the world and still not believe usuage if some sort of meteorite to fall to earth and somehow it will not burn up in the atmosphere it may not be such razrushitelnoj force
2012-12-20 19:23:37
the End of the world will not be a simple day and all we will live happily ever after ...)) I if you honestly not afraid and 2012-12-20 19:25:48
^Bpb Ravlik
2012-12-20 19:23:16
the end of the world - light not bodo 2 months or 3 days
2012-12-20 19:21:28
I fear very
2012-12-20 19:16:10
I don't believe in the end of the world. I think we will all live happily ever after. if we believe not bodo in the end of the world then it will be
Pro Olya
2012-12-20 19:12:15
voskoljko will it be??
2012-12-20 19:06:00
2012-12-20 18:52:31
2012-12-20 18:49:44
2012-12-20 18:42:51
no of course! Will not die this is nonsense...
2012-12-20 18:38:43
Allah knows
2012-12-20 18:18:40
Oh crap what
just XzaKKonX
2012-12-20 18:08:41
yeah a lot of talk was about Konecna in 2012 Cho on all channels on TV he brought about the end of the world podozritelnoe who believes in God that he will save .
2012-12-20 17:41:01
And I'm glad the COP :3
2012-12-20 17:12:51
how do you think this is really a
2012-12-20 16:07:12
hahaaha we Zavtra wmres:D
2012-12-20 16:01:36
Yes we will surely die.
2012-12-20 15:49:19
LIVE will SEE!
2012-12-20 15:02:21
2012-12-20 14:35:04
" by the uspokoites vse budet horosho,zhivite i raduites,ne dumaiTE O PLO
Zarina aydarbekova
2012-12-20 14:24:17
it will not be kokai that Bret I believe in Allah and not in the end of the world Verdi's not the end of the world
2012-12-20 14:18:26
got already with the end of light! How many people have bought it because of superstition! And the media mouth should be closed!
2012-12-20 14:02:08
Yah damn if you believe any nonsense that we are in fact not, it's all NONSENSE""
Elvira Turkav me 9 years
2012-12-20 13:51:42
do You believe in this chepuhu I lionni believe in televisora say potomuchto and m pay.
2012-12-20 13:44:32
Sashok sympathize with
2012-12-20 13:39:09
They are intimidated that they would the money was paid,it would have bought cover even a toddler knows that the world will not end! in the TV they say because they pay money for a sensation here and had coined the end of the world
2012-12-20 13:32:55
Is a tsunami in Kemerovo!! Good-bye friends!!
2012-12-20 13:09:01
I'll commit suicide :D
anyway,all will die
Kara all your,for God on this day
cruel,and generation (so to speak)
not moderate in their desires...
P.S verdict:I don't particularly believe in it,but want to say Yes...Well
I guess we'll see!
2012-12-20 13:05:52
why write all this to scare people you don't understand what nekotorye people are going scrip from this!!I don't believe these rumors and believe only in God!!he judged and will be judged!!everything will be as before!!
2012-12-20 12:43:20
Yes che to believe it... Namudrili yourself about the Mayan end of the world.. just move on to a new level( if one can say so)
2012-12-20 12:31:57
Oh! by the way, you arrived late to school, and then say : "I am the end of the world was waiting for!" }:-))
2012-12-20 12:08:50
I am 14, and I also do not want to end there was no light. And all too want to live!! But just to say no one can, so that against you to talk too, can not do anything. As they say if you want peace, prepare for war!So don't listen to anybody,stocked with food,water,firewood,clothing,are insulated Windows,if possible, leave the city...Even if nothing happens,the stock pocket not tanese well with the new year prices will jump and have to pay,buying the same tovarischi may occur 22, 28, 31,by the standards of the universe this week mgnovenie think that the government will inform you about the future!))
2012-12-20 11:54:24
It's just a lie
2012-12-20 11:21:28
don't let that be the end of the world say simply will not survive a few people
2012-12-20 10:42:10
Oh Yes kaneshno will not be the same! It the invention of the force I 21 morning meeting will be as usual in school and everything will be okay=)!
2012-12-20 10:38:14
I don't know but was happened so what I peretyagivaet on the side of " Yes " :|
but even if so I soberaus to spend the morning 21 so that once not to forget :D
2012-12-20 08:23:48
I don't know exactly but I think not every year obesus was not yet so everyone calm down!
2012-12-20 08:04:02
last year too promised and what all living things, only the history of what tomorrow parade of planets will be well, it's all crap

2012-12-20 07:56:28
will be fine,it all cos
2012-12-20 01:34:30
I don't believe in this bullshit about the end of the world! and it makes no sense to believe that fanatics there are a lot already and about God saying, heh, clowns.
2012-12-20 00:23:03
ALLAH has created us in order to test the brothers and sister pray until not too late the time you have
2012-12-19 23:00:55
End naminoue,brethren,pray you,the youths boice sinful strong fall in propastin,saved Bodegraven sight uwidite you...
2012-12-19 21:14:10
I believe in ALLAH
2012-12-19 20:45:21
everything will be alright see you in the new year
2012-12-19 20:44:50
All this cos!
luxurious Jale
2012-12-19 20:13:11
you, too, when he introduced the result of the calculation to add a comment,believed on the calculator?:D...
2012-12-19 20:08:17
granoski the end of the world
luxurious Jale
2012-12-19 20:08:11
will not be...don't believe..I's not true...
2012-12-19 20:04:36
All will be well!!All will be healthy and happy!!1!1
2012-12-19 20:03:34
I nevery at the end of the world only fools believe in it.
the inverter Kalakuta
2012-12-19 19:54:30
nebudet doomsday only fools end.
2012-12-19 19:42:56
and I want to believe but I don't believe!!
2012-12-19 19:41:18
I don't believe you don't believe the end of the world will be the most happy New Year.
2012-12-19 19:16:29
I 8 lit I don't want the end of the world I don't even believe I so want the new year it's not true
2012-12-19 19:08:55
" it's awful. the world will not end,will be a happy ending!
2012-12-19 18:43:39
Why, don't know why, I would like to believe in the end of the world...
2012-12-19 18:25:54
UTB all Loches only God knows when the end will be light! Vet he is the Creator!
2012-12-19 17:16:02
I believe...(
2012-12-19 16:48:25
Yes che you all soared won't be any end of the world
2012-12-19 15:18:25
Hello I am the child I 8 years of scoita me please you Sakova experience . 1. for myself. 2. for data. or for all. Politis and all will be well. only Boh knows wakes it the 21st of December 2012 godamnit light.
2011-03-21 10:49:21
We are Immortal!!
2011-03-18 13:14:36
And what in General is the difference?! What all fuss for nothing?! Yes leave you these unfortunate calendars alone, well, let his planet conciliat's guide to the galaxy, well sahnem we all, and what?! People and no end of the world is about to kick off. The only important thing is: it's true or not, but I think we really became so bored that they became each other to intimidate. By the way, and accidentally not earn money by scientists, it is no rumor that the oil reserves and useful resource runs out, so switched to a dashing thing! Money hack on human trust! ;))
Yegor Kuzmich
2011-03-16 14:21:00
I don't believe...believe it only Tolik
2011-03-06 05:28:21
On account of God was wrong=)
2011-03-06 05:21:49
it seems to Me that it is not necessary to write about it until the end without knowing the topic and referring "How many of them were already", because no one you know can, and therefore to criticize. The arguments of someone who had predicted was clearly based on something that had the soil. It is wrong to criticize. The more that the Earth is already exhausted and emaciated man. Probably from any living organism would wait for the response, not for pollution the Earth was created. We have not met the expectations of the Creator. Most likely, You just don't believe in God.
2011-02-18 13:39:56
I do not believe that
2011-02-10 08:55:30
I totally agree with the above conclusions.
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