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"If you see a shooting star make a wish, and it will come true, if you have time to do it before the star falls". Where did this sign?

Before answering this question, you just need to make two comments!

First, recall that the real stars from the sky is not falling. And what is called shooting stars are meteors that are small cosmic body which will burn until the fall to earth (read here).

Secondly, to have time to make a wish while falling star is nearly impossible! Visible falling meteor lasts about a second. During this time, you can only see it. And so to remember the desire, but still have time to make one second is clearly not enough!

Sign on shooting stars and guessing desires appeared in ancient times. The starry sky was always drawn to the man, it was presented as a symbol of the universe, the world of spirits and gods, which should be treated with respect and reverence. It is quite clear that there were plenty of signs, of the mysteries associated with the stars, especially with the incident. Independently of other peoples of different continents and cultures was often associated stars with human souls. In some legends shooting star is the soul that flies from heaven to dwell in a newborn baby. In other shooting star is, on the contrary, the soul is just a dead man, who left his body and flies into the world of spirits.

When you stand in front of something great and huge, and tempted him about something to ask. I would like to ask - wait for a signal, the stars themselves will serve it to you if it's time and if they want to.

And how to recognize the signal? Folk tradition and gives here a tip: if you really want desire, wish for it when falling stars, and it will come true. Shooting star connects Heaven with Earth, symbolizes their Union. It was at this point I would like to request the creation of fulfilling his desires. And it's not so easy, need to work, have to look at the sky for a long time will have to forget about the hustle and bustle, and, therefore, will have time to think well.

It is somewhat similar to prayer or meditation. You alone with the sky - the universe and... with your wish. You are so focused, so focused on his desire that all your energy, all efforts aimed at its implementation. Such a powerful message could be successful.

Especially interesting here is that in the split-second in which falling star, you will not have time to come up with a new desire. You make the first, which will come which has long been ripe, ready, and because it is your true desire. It turns out that from your subconscious that you bring to the surface their true desire.


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sleeping beauty
2014-03-11 10:13:01
I made a wish and it came true now I panela what is a shooting star
2014-02-15 23:16:20
You just need to believe in your desire , and it will come true, and you should do everything that it would come true))
Black hawk
2014-01-22 22:50:36
That's when Nada to sleep I look I look all no all stars I'm tired!! where are the stars??
A passer-by
2013-11-28 08:49:30
Made in childhood twice, twice came true, and the last, the second - in unusual circumstances. And then accidentally made already in adolescence, turned 9 years later.
2013-11-26 20:39:06
Damn I never have time to think!! It's a shame!!
2013-09-24 09:39:20
I made didn't come true
2013-08-18 23:25:37
Damn here I stand in the night and suddenly in my mind flashed a thought vulgar and at the same time falling star I wish did not come true I hope will not come true
2013-08-13 11:55:37
I just stand and look at the stars ,jdav until fall star,simply just constantly repeat to myself the desire ,it's much more likely that you will have time to think.
2013-08-10 21:01:32
Twice made impossible, twice turned. But, kanesh, not immediately, after a while =))
2013-08-04 22:33:25
Honestly I waited until fall star I had to make a wish, and the star fell,but I didn't have time to think!

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