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Coati, or spider monkeys, received its name from its long, thin limbs and a prehensile tail, giving them a resemblance to spiders. Their tail is 1.5 times longer than the body, and end with the inner side is exposed. When coat walking among the treetops, its tail serves as a safety rope: he slips on the upstream branch, as the arc of the trolley on the wire. And at the zoo, where visitors will be offered the monkey candy, she will pull her tail.

Red monkeysthat live in Africa - monkeys red, with long arms and legs - in Russia called "hussars" for a long white moustache, which nature has adorned males of this breed.

Very nice flat-nosed long-tailed monkeys , saimiri. Sometimes they are also called "dead head", because of the eyes, mouth and ears these monkeys are bordered by white areas, which are very prominent on dark background. Called them again and the squirrel saimiri, probably for small dimensions: body length of about 30 centimeters.

Saimiri Spider monkey Monkey hussars
Saimiri Spider monkey Monkey hussars



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