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Human skeletonHuman skeleton consists of bones. And bones are composed of dense bone. It is produced by special bone cells - osteocytes. Osteocytes are an insignificant part of the total volume of the bone, as if they are scattered around the bone substance.

Bone contains two components - organic and inorganic (mineral).

Organic component to produce osteocytes, it takes 90% of the volume of bone substance and is composed mainly of proteins, the main of which is collagen. Organic component is responsible for such property bones as stiffness, i.e. the ability to resist bending, stretching or compression.

The inorganic component of bone is calcium phosphate. Thanks to him, the bones of those solids. Calcium and phosphates come into the bone tissue from the blood and Deposit on the surface and in the thickness of the bone together with organic components. It is very important to maintain the level of calcium and phosphorus in the body. To avoid the loss of these important elements, you must eat foods that contain them, for example, dairy products (they have a lot of calcium) and fish (it is rich in phosphorus).

Inside the bones have a tubular structure. The tube is entirely permeated by blood vessels, nerves and fluid-filled.

Another bone is the bone marrow, which produces red and white blood cells.



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