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People have long noticed the reddish star that mysteriously twinkles in the night sky, Mars. Scientists have solved the mystery of the red color of Mars: so it seems due to the fact that the Martian earth red-brown, and the sky over Mars dirty pink because particles of reddish dust, which is abundant in the atmosphere of the planet.

Mars is smaller than Earth 2 times. And although it is close to the Earth, the sun's heat and light he gets very little. Mars has two satellites, which behave very strangely: then go back over it at the same time, one is hidden, and the second is brightly shining, there is none.

The climate on Mars is extremely variable: the day is very hot, and at night, on the contrary, very cold. On this planet there is no oxygen, but unfit for breathing carbon dioxide is full. When Mars comes winter, carbon dioxide under the influence of cold turns into dry ice,

The surface of Mars consists of deep valleys, craters of extinct volcanoes, very high volcanoes, craters of dry rivers.

Mankind has always wondered: is there life on other planets? As for Mars, it has long been known that this planet has no signs of life. However, in the academic world there are other points of view. In Antarctica, was found in a meteorite, which, according to scientists, came to our planet from Mars. Examining it, the scientists found organic matter, which, perhaps, are the traces of bacteria that once lived on Mars.

Many photos of the Martian surface, you can see a dry river bed, on which millions of years ago was flowing river. And recently on Mars was discovered ice. Some scientists believe that it may be stored traces of organisms that lived on Mars until there is permafrost.

Mars has volcanoes. There are only four, and they are of different sizes. Compared to the volcanoes of the Earth, the largest of which reaches a height of 6.5 kilometers of the Martian volcanoes are truly giants. For example, the volcano Olympus reaches a height of 26 miles, the diameter of its base - 550, while the diameter of the top 60 kilometers.


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