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What do we know about ostriches?

OstrichOstrich is a very large bird, with growth of about 2.3 meters and a weight of from 105 to 175 pounds. While females are larger than males.

Ostriches small families, which typically includes one adult male and several adult females. High growth of ostriches allows them from afar to see the enemy and immediately take flight. Yes, seeing the danger, ostriches run away, instead of burying their heads in the sand, as many mistakenly believe.

In the nest, pulling out with beak and claws, each female lays eggs (sometimes the number is 12). Incubating the eggs of the female and the male, replacing each other during 45-52 days. Newly hatched ostrich Chicks weigh about 1.2 pounds, but after 4 months the weight is 18-19 pounds.


The ostriches unbearable character. These birds are very arrogant and short-tempered, can't stand strangers, so workers zoos around the world do not recommend the approach to the cells containing these giants.

Furious ostrich can hit legs bent steel rod with a thickness of 1.5 cm. Running ostrich with a speed of 70 kilometers per hour, and the length of his step - 4-5 meters. This ostrich is possible to calm down quite a fun way to wear on the head black stockings!

With the huge dimensions of the body, the brain of an ostrich a little more chicken. The eyes of this bird by weight exceed the brain in 2 times. By the way, the egg of an ostrich is a large, what to cook his hard-boiled, you will need 4 hours.


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