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What the frog is different from toads?

And frog and toad are amphibians (amphibian). They are often confused since they are similar in appearance. What are their differences?

Frogs usually smooth skin and long legs - so it was easier to jump. The frogs legs short, pimply skin, and the body is short and stocky. But the main difference frogs in that they do not have large parotid glands, located at the toads in the back of the head and is typical for toads-warts.

Frogs, unlike frogs, spawn a pair of cord. This cord can reach a length of up to 10 meters, it is usually from 1200 to 6840 eggs, Packed in the 2-4 range. ROE cord entangled among underwater plants or just lay on the bottom until, until it comes time to receive the tadpoles into the light.

Frogs and toads


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