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Homedrawing LessonsMouse lemur mort cartoon "Madagascar"

Mouse lemur MORT
from the cartoon "Madagascar"

In this lesson you will learn how to draw magic, "designing" it from simple shapes.
Drawing this kid will delight not only young children, but teenagers and adults.
So let's go!

Lemur Mort. Draw yourself

You will need:

Pencil, eraser.
To paint - pens, or pencils, or paint of your choice.

Draw the head of the morte
Step 1. The head of the dead will begin to draw the oval. Divide it in half lengthwise and crosswise straight lines and note the center of the oval.
Draw the head of the morte
Step 2. Now define the middle of the left and right halves of the oval, as shown in the figure.
Draw eyes morte
Step 3. For each eye, draw a circle symmetrically relative to the Central vertical line. Those parts of the circles that figure held by the dotted line, later you will need to erase eraser.
Draw eyes morte
Step 4. Inside each eye, draw another mug, the smaller is the pupils. And inside these circles in the upper left corner of the small circles. This glare of light.
Draw eyelashes morte
Step 5. On the upper edge of each eye, draw a lot of small dashes of cilia. Then at the bottom of each eye draw lines as shown in the figure, and those parts of the eye-circles that are under those lines, erase.
Draw the eyelashes and eyebrows of morte
Step 6. Along these lines, draw a lot of bottom cilia, like painted top. Above the eyes, draw the arc-brows. From the inner part of each eye up draw a short line, as shown in the figure.
Draw spout morte
Step 7. In the center below the eyes, draw a tiny heart - the future spout. Under the nose, stepping back a bit - a tiny rectangle with rounded edges - top tooth is not dead.
Even draw a beam of short lines in the form of an inverted V between the eyes so that the ends of this figure stood at the ends of lines drawn in the previous step 6.
Draw the mouth of the morte
Step 8. On the nose, draw an inverted arc. In both sides of the tooth spend slightly rounded up lines is the mouth.
Tracing the line of her mouth magic
Step 9. To draw the bottom line of the mouth, draw a broad U-shaped line, summing up its ends to the edges of the mouth. Now, starting from the nose, draw the shape, bounding the mouth area, as shown in the figure.
Draw the ears of the morte

Step 10. Under the tooth, draw a long, narrow U - tongue morte. Even strokes mark the line on the right and left from your mouth, as shown in the figure.

Now with a pencil without a strong push mark to draw the ears on the sides of the triangles with vertices in the upper outer part of each eye, and at the bases of the triangles - circles. This auxiliary line, later you will need to erase.

Draw the body of the morte

Step 11. Circle the shapes that came out of each set of triangle and circle. Turned out cute ears. Now erase the excess lines.

To draw the body is not dead, mark of its future contours of the rectangle, slightly drooping on one side, and the contours of the upper and lower legs and tail, as shown in figure

Draw paws magic
Step 12. Hand and left foot mark triangles with bases in the body. To the right of the lower legs, draw a circle, and below the box.
Draw paws magic
Now draw the contours of the body. The other lines can be erased.
Draw the tail of the morte
Along the line of the tail, draw 3 rectangle.
Draw the head of the morte
On the outer edges of these rectangles spend this wavy line. Then it can be erased.
Draw the toes of morte
For her feet draw ovals - 4 for the left and 3, as shown in the figure to the right.
Draw the toes of morte
Now draw the fingers of the right leg, as shown in the figure.
Draw the front legs of the morte
The same owlcity draw for fingers (front paws). Do not try to make them the right shape - this is not necessary.
Draw a lemur magic

The drawing is ready!

Color magic pencils, crayons, paints, markers, etc. Just before this erase all unnecessary lines and line contours draw fatter is markedly change the result, right?

Lemur Mort. Finished drawing

On the basis of this lesson you can draw a variety of greeting cards like these:

Lemur Mort. Postcard for March 8

Lemur Mort. Postcard birthday

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The English translation and adaptation - ©


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2014-05-18 12:49:48
I Mortes not very beautiful
2014-04-04 13:43:40
Cool!!!!!!! So beautiful!!! Is that oil paints?!
The Alina*)
2014-03-12 20:59:11
Cool!I am very pleased with the result
2014-02-19 19:16:47
I thought how to draw turned out very good
Sofia format 4A
2014-02-16 20:10:18
2014-02-16 20:09:13
very cool I like all
2013-12-07 19:47:29
Cool mort... True no all happened)
2013-12-07 15:40:49
Perfectly handsome turned out !!
2013-08-01 15:26:00
All perfectly. Thanks for the schematic drawing... I did !!
2013-07-02 21:07:30
Just super, and you Arinka, try and take the example of Elina! Sofia is not important most important what scale will draw you! But the standard A4.

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