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You like the characters in the movie "Alvin and the chipmunks"? Would you like to learn how to draw cute Brondukov from this film? In this lesson
Here you will find step-by-step guide, how to draw burunduki Alvin. After reading this guide, Alvin will be able to draw and adult students, and preschool children!

Chipmunk Alvin

Step 1

Make a sketch of the circle (do not press hard on the pencil). Then in the lower part of the circle, make a sketch of the elongated oval shape similar to a dog:

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 2

Alvin looks right, but it's worth a half-turn, turning a little to the left. Therefore, all elements of its snout to shift to the left. Draw a curve through the center of the muzzle Alvin. Holding it, imagine that the head of Alvin ball, that's why this line is so twisted.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 3

Now obbedite the contour of the head, as shown in the figure (the lower part of the head until the touch).

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 4

Draw the right eye Alvin. Try to place it exactly in the same location as shown in the figure. Please note that it is located above the bottom of the oval. The eye is in the middle right part of the head. The shape of the eyes Alvin - half circle. Above the eye, then draw a line shaped like an inverted letter U.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 5

Inside the eye, draw a large circle and fill it is the pupil. Leave unpainted small rectangle in the top right corner of the pupil is the highlight. Another draw to the left of the pupil curve line, as shown in the picture..

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 6

From the left edge of the eyebrow Alvin spend the broken line, as shown below. Where it ends, draw such a spout.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 7

To the left of the nose Alvin draw polyline arc. Note: left eyebrow is lower than the right. Below it, draw the left eye. It must be smaller than the right, as Alvin frowned. The left eye should like the right place on the line "hot dogs" in the middle of the left side faces, the remaining free after we painted the nose.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 8

To finish the left eye, draw a semicircle in the right half of the eyes and paint over it, leaving a white flare in the upper right corner. When the pupil is ready, draw a line of the iris to the left of it.
Draw under the nose Alvin shape similar to the letter F, lying on her side.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin
drawing the pupil, you have to imagine that if we could see the whole line over the eye, it would be a circle:
Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 9

Draw the teeth Alvin. You can draw them like this: in the centre draw two large teeth in the form of the letter E, fallen on the left side, and on either side of her two small tooth.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 10

Mouth Alvin is drawn as an arc, starting next to the leftmost tooth and ending in the right corner of his mouth. Another draw an arc from this angle Central the right tooth Alvin.
Paint the mouth (lower lip leave empty).

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 11

Now let's draw our Burunduk ears. Left ear have as an inverted letter V, and the right to an inverted letter U. the Right ear more left.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 12

To finish drawing the ears, draw an arc from the top corner of the left ear down to the line head, and from the upper corner of the right ear slide towards the center of the head line with a slight curve.
The bangs Alvin between the ears draw as a bundle of letters M different heights and widths.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 13

In the corners of the mouth Alvin draw two small bent out of line.
In the lower part of the snout Alvin draw a curve line, as shown in the figure.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 14

Hoodie Alvin will begin to draw the line, like the letter V, under the chin, Alvin. Now look at the picture below and try to spend the rest of the line, as depicted on it in red.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 15

Below draw such rounded figure, not closing it down.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 16

Now inside of this figure draw sleeve.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 17

On the front hoodies Alvin draw a large letter "a", and an arc going from the left arm to the right. Another arc, more draw under the sleeves.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 18

Gum hoodies draw conducted under the bottom curve in a line with the same curvature and numerous transverse stripes along its entire length. Under the hoodie draw this "potato".

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 19

The toes are draw as ovals.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 20

On each finger, draw a nail. In form they are a cross between oval and teardrop shape.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Step 21

Draw the tail.
Now, show the skin of burunduki in the form of strokes, as shown in the figure below.

Draw a Chipmunk Alvin

Now erase all the construction lines. And all the "right" line circle fatter.
If you doubt what line is needed, and what is to be erased, please refer to our picture:

Chipmunk Alvin

Left to paint Alvin. As a hint, we offer you to look at the original:

Chipmunk Alvin

The original lesson,
translation into Russian and handling - ©


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