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1. In the path (for/f "Maxim Perepelitsa", 1954)
(words - M. Dudin, music - Century Soloviev-Sedoy)
2. Military March (G. Sviridov)
3. "Hero" (author unknown)
4. Hunter marsh (author unknown)
5. "For the faithful" (author unknown)
6. Forest tale (N. Becker)
7. March 27th Kiev Dragoon regiment
8. March Baturin infantry regiment
9. March Izmailovsky life guards regiment
10. March Pechersk regiment
11. March of the Preobrazhensky regiment
12. "March of the red army" (S. Vasilenko)
13. March Stalinist aviation (A. Hythe)
14. March enthusiasts (I. Dunaevsky)
15. March young nahimovtsev
(music - Vladimir Solovyov - Sedoy, word - N. Gleizerov)
16. On the hills of Manchuria (I. Shatrov)
17. We need one win (B. Okudzhava)
18. "Invincible and legendary"
(music - A. Alexandrov, word - O. Kolychev)
19. "The eagle" (early March)
20. "Victory" (M Starokadomsky)
21. "Farewell of Slavianka" (Century Agapkin)
22. The joy of victory (C. Becker)
23. "Skobelev" (author unknown)
24. "Homesickness" (author unknown)
25. may 9 (C. wolf)
26. "January 9" (author unknown)

Marches Seeds Chernetsky

Semyon Aleksandrovich ChernetskySemyon Aleksandrovich Chernetsky (1881-1950) - a military conductor, composer, organizer and leader of the first Soviet military bands, one of the founders of Soviet military March, a music teacher. Honored art worker of the RSFSR (1936). Professor (1946). Major General (1944), inspector of military bands of the red army in 1924-1949,
Without exaggeration, Semyon Aleksandrovich Chernetsky is one of the most prominent military composers of the XXth century. He has written more than 100 marches and Patriotic songs.
On the famous Victory Parade on June 24, 1945 he headed the joint orchestra. A lot of time With. he paid pedagogical activity is the training of military musicians. On his initiative were established school of naval muzykantskii students in different cities of the country, with an enrollment of homeless children. Then were sent to military bands in the quality of the pupils. Many of them became leaders of the military bands. In 1937, on his initiative were organized three high military school of music, one of which (the Moscow military music school) is still in effect today.

No. March / info To listen Download
1. "The entry of the red Army in Budapest"
2. "The entry of the red Army in Bucharest"
3. Parade "Glory to the Motherland"
4. March gunners
5. March of the guards-mortar
6. March TRP
7. March of the paratroopers
8. March Leningrad guards rifle divisions
9. March of the tank
10. "Parade"
11. "Under the flag of the people's Commissar going ships"
12. Hello sailors
13. Salyut Moscow"
14. "Thank guards"
15. Solemn March "Rokossovsky"
16. Ukrainian marsh
17. Jubilee counter the March of the red Army (25 years of the red army)


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