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* Spouts-Kurosaki *

Words: A. Bulychev
Music: B. Emelyanov
Sings Valentina Tolkunova


Finally, polselli slazav,
The sleep of my boys are sleeping
Sleep knocked country blue-eyed,
Sleep my darlings dirty,
Spouts-Kurosaki sopat.

Sleep so tame, good,
In the whole world there is no better guys.
Blankets on the side of the reset
And bright green fodder pea
On his knees ripped off.

Well, tomorrow... If you know in advance
How ispovedimyi their way.
What is, without a schedule,
To get away with drawing lesson,
In the space of just walking away.

The clock strikes tired beats.
On Land calm - children are sleeping.
Sleep my desperate guys
Sleep my Titova and Gagarin,
Spouts-Kurosaki sopat.

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