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from the film "Circus" (1936)
Music By Isaak Dunaevsky
Words By Vasily Lebedev-Kumach


Sleep, my boy, sweet, sweet.
Sleep, my chick, sleep, baby.
Sleep toys, sleeping horses.
You're the only one awake.
Month not once looked in the window.
How soon will you sleep my little thing?
Sleep, my boy, sleep, my little Bunny,
Aw, bye-bye-bye-bye.

A month goes high.
The stars Shine far.
In this blue, blue light,
Where neither tears nor sorrow not,
The heart wants to fly away from trouble.

The stars Shine high.
Hide the tears deeply.
If I get a hand
Your silver peace.
The stars are very far away.
Sleep, my boy, sleep.
Hard eyes Somni.
Sleep, my boy, bauske-bye.

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