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* Cossack lullaby *
(Sleep, my beautiful baby)

The Words Of M. Y. Lermontov

According to legend, Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov wrote this lullaby under the impression baycasino" songs of the Cossacks, which he had heard in the village of Scarlet on the Terek (according to another version - in the village Staromyshastovskoy in the Kuban).

Text "Cossack lullaby" was inspired by very many authors: known for more than 50 composers who wrote the music for "Cossack lullaby", including A. Varlamov (1842), Pauline Viardot (1865), E. Mentor (1875), A. gretchaninov (1894), N. Ladokhin (1895), A. Taneyev (1899), N. Cherepnin (1900) and the other The very first musical motif belongs, apparently, to Lermontov himself: according to contemporaries, it was heard in the author's performance. Folklorisation options lullaby included in the Cossack soldier and repertoire.

Introduce you to listen 3 versions lullaby "Sleep, my baby is beautiful".

Full text of the poem sounds only in the last variance (played by Oleg Pogodin). In other embodiments sounds only the first verse. And rightly so: why sing to the kids at night scary movies about the evil Chechen? )))


Sleep, my beautiful baby,
Quietly watching month
In the cradle of your.
I will be told I tales,
Song sing;
Well you Dremel, closing eyes,

Flows over the rocks Terek,
Dull roar shaft;
Evil Chechen creeps ashore,
Sharpens his knife;
But your father is an old warrior,
Hardened in battle:
Sleep, baby, be calm,

Himself know the time will come
Swear life;
Bravely put his foot in the stirrup
And take the gun.
I Seelze combat
Silk will embroider...
Sleep, my child is native,

Hero you will be aware
And Cossack soul.
To see you I will be released -
You would pull the plug...
How many bitter tears slipped
I that night will Shine!..
Sleep, my angel, softly, sweetly,

I'm longing to languish,
Inconsolable wait;
Going day to pray,
At night wondering;
I think that miss
You're in a foreign land...
Sleep well, while worries don't know

I'll give you on the road
The Holy scapular:
You are his own, praying to God,
Put before them;
Yes, preparing to battle dangerous
Remember his mother...
Sleep, my beautiful baby,

M. Y. Lermontov, 1840

Download the song:

Music By A. Grechaninov
Takes Irina Surina

Music folk
Takes Daria Vinokurov (Dronov)

Music author unknown
Takes Oleg Pogudin

Listen to the song:

Music By A. Grechaninov
Takes Irina Surina

Music folk
Takes Daria Vinokurov (Dronov)

Music author unknown
Takes Oleg Pogudin


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