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* Sleeping toys *

Words: H. Petrova
Music: A. Ostrovsky


Sleeping toys, books, sleep,
Blankets and pillows waiting for guys.
Even the tale to bed
That night we dream about.
You'd say: "Bye-bye!"

In the story you can go on the moon
And the rainbow race on a horse,
With elephant friends
And catch the feather of the Firebird.
Eyes close! Bayu-Bay!

Be home at this hour
Quietly goes slumber near us.
Behind the window darker,
Morning, night, tomorrow is a new day,
Eyes close! Bayu-Bay!

Bye-bye, everyone has to sleep at night.
Bayu-Bayu, tomorrow will be day again.
Per day we are very tired,
Say to everyone: "good night!"
Eyes close! Bayu-Bay!

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