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Best of all lizards live, judging by fatness, by weight, on the Ural river and the don - it is home to the giants weighing more than twenty grams (average weight is less than half).

Employee Rostov University, P. Lukin wrote that in the fields where the crop is removed separate way, lizards and jumped under the rolls normalizename bread. Why not wondering: it is warm, then hiding under sideways (in which case you can signout in the Nora field mouse), and insect things are bad - there is something good. So we went back to talking about the appetite lizards, which brings us direct income in rubles. They live in the forest, prairies and in the mountains. Menu them is different, but everywhere it includes from 35 to 98% of harmful agricultural insects.

Processing hectares of land with pesticides spend on average by 5.7 ruble. And rubbing poisons belts costing twice as much. In the forest, fringing field, six-legged monitor 110 lizards on each hectare; on the melon fields, vineyards and fields of grain, from a few pieces to 160. If you count their appetite for pesticides, it turns out that sand lizard "pest control covering the costs from two to eleven rubles for every 10 hectares of economically useful land". If you multiply all the hectares, inhabited by lizards, earned rubles, invisible income that they bring will be millions.

And what a precious creation we drove in the cell, and in some places completely wasted the same pesticides. However, sand lizard is still a lot. But there were more. And the tale of it, probably, it is necessary to finish the same way that one ends of the chapters already mentioned voluminous monograph "Sand lizard", written fifty researchers who have studied this familiar stranger. Alas, the number of sand lizard falls quickly in the Kaluga region, in many places in Siberia, in the Stavropol region, in Latvia and Estonia. Near Makhachkala it disappeared altogether. The time has come to deal with resettlement and saving the nimble fighter six-legged.

I want to believe that spring lizard else will. And how they love the spring, indicated by the fact that the Northern border of their habitat is located on the contour of the blooming cherry. It is the surest sign of prosperity of the whole nature.

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