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Mansion lizard not only stone, and earth is. And indeed stone house them not to build. Earthen housing dig your feet and acting head, like brown. Does not help them to earthworks what most animals do not have,is a moveable head? Lizard and arranged under a pile of brushwood, and in hollows and abandoned by tourists bottles, and even lying under the newspaper. But, of course, Norah above all. Assume that there are villas - year-old Nora and capital winter shelters that are built in depressions, where the wind is whipping the snow blanket.

In Belarus, under the Kovel, found an intricate labyrinth, where the moves were connected with thirty holes. What can you assume? Or lizards winter slept together, either in the summer visiting each other's homes. The second version is unlikely to live and they prefer to feed on individual plots. But they're not such individualists. Until recently, experts were sure that family and marriage lizard fleeting - some kind of month. But increasingly accumulates information that caudate wife are faithful to each other and do not leave without a reason. And the reason is the death of a partner.

To stay in this world of ordinary lizard allotted five years. However, only one of the four pups survive until the following spring. The oldest, so to speak, the patriarchs are not the mighty giants, and weaklings. Or rather, not weaklings, and those who slowly grows. The same and the fish - growing individuals die earlier than slow-growing. If you do think about it in the age of acceleration? Would it be for us true what is true for fish and lizards? Or should we say, they say, slow and steady will?..

Above it was said that around us usually revolve lizards of two types : sand and viviparous. One can recognize them by size (viviparous smaller) and by the fact that the spin of sand lizard marked by three narrow light lines, and viviparous - dark stripe.

Title viviparous granted this creation because of the eggs almost immediately eject the cubs. Under the supervision of Professor A. M. Nikolsky, the female makes them light in the evening: putting one egg, will move forward and puts the following. Eggs are arranged in one line, as if on parade. More mother of the children are not interested in. And those emerging from the eggs and seeing the huge world, hide in the hollows above or under stones. The first few days and they poke their nose is not. Sit hungry and cold, his tail between his legs in the full sense of the word.

Actually viviparous individuals and their descendants hardier Warbler - even from the rain does not always hide. And sand lizard rain afraid of ignorance - without it they would cash in their chips. Because eggs need to attach though not in a puddle, but in a humid place. They are not yet Mature cubs, two months lying in a secluded hollow. All this time leathery shell eggs gives the embryo, absorbing the surrounding moisture. The egg little by little growing to autumn swells to three times!

And so, on light there are three animals weighing less than a gram. Educate them, there are no parents to the time when kids begin to pester with questions, already lay in hibernation. It seems to be good - old people are not afraid to give youth a place in the biosphere. But, alas, spring, awakening, adults begin to distribute the cuffs to the right and to the left is cast out of nowhere who took the class with their individual territories. And the offspring have to search for happiness is not near the parent mink and abroad.

They shouldn't get in the wilderness - it is better to go to the man. For the undisturbed forest to live harder.

Do not be surprised in the wilds of lizards less than felling. They also need sun and no shade. And the steppe lizards decided that now it is best to live in the forest or in a roadside ditch. How they like fell of the cuvette, said that under the Evpatoria and on the Kerch Peninsula they snuck only after the construction of the railway and the planting of shelterbelts.

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